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Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode 364

Nate Costa, Superman's Friend!

Those meddling former undisputed heavyweight champions of the world!

Episode 364: Comic-Con 2014 Interviews!

The fanboys sit down to listen to Nate Costa's epic set of Comic-Con interviews, including Artist Todd Nauck, Skybound Editor Sean Mackiewicz, TopCow writer and COO Matt Hawkins, TopCow writer/artist Larime Taylor, Image writer/artist/former Skybound editor Sina Grace, Mike Tyson Mysteries Producer Hugh Davidson, Community's Jim Rash, Iron Cartoon Character Mike Tyson, Toymaker Todd McFarlane, Smilin' Erik Larsen, King of Comic-Con Robert Kirkman, and so much more!

Recorded 8/6/2014
Published 8/8/2014

Featuring: Ric Bretschneider, Nate Costa

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Ric Bretschneider
Derek McCaw
Nate Costa

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