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Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode 350

He Looked Quite Well for a Dead Man!

Live, with a huge Fanboy panel, in front of a Live Studio Audience™, it’s the Fanboy Planet Podcast Special 350th Episode!

With Special Guest Frank Beddor, and Fanboys Derek McCaw, Ric Bretschneider, Nate Costa, Jason Salazar, Chris Garcia and introducing Drew Campbell!

Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode 350: He Looked Quite Well for a Dead Man
The Fanboys host a special party at 7 Stars the Star Wars Bar and Grill to chat with Looking Glass Wars’ Frank Beddor and then discuss Comixology, Eisner Nominations, Sexism at WonderCon, Wally West, New Battlestar Galactica, Wolfcop, Marvel Tech Support, Star Wars Expanded Universe and a peek into the future, Agents of SHIELD, Sharknado 2, The ET neo-archeolgical dig, the Star Wars Costume Contest, and so much more!

Recorded 4/27/2014
Published 4/28/2014

Featuring: Derek McCaw, Ric Bretschneider, Nate Costa, Jason Salazar, Chris Garcia, Drew Campbell and special guest Frank Beddor

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