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The Batman
The Cat and the Bat
Original airdate 10/02/04

What would the Batman be without his fierce felonious feline femme fatale Catwoman? He'd probably still be a guy in a bat suit but with half the sexual tension.

Selina Kyle is a wealthy socialite that shops by day and burgles priceless trinkets by night. Something in her past has caused her to develop a cat fetish which manifests itself in her selection of pets, her feline themed wordplay and choice of attire.

While trying to steal a jade statue from an Asian crime lord, she runs into the Batman. The two play cat and mouse on the rooftops for awhile before Catwoman gets the best of Batman. How the hell did this guy last three years in Gotham when he can't even beat up a wealthy socialite dressed as a floppy eared cat?

While Batman is stunned, Catwoman helps herself to Batman's utility belt which may or may not have been what she was reaching for down there. This leads to Saturday morning hilarity when Selina fiddles with it and causes the various Bat-equipment to wreak havoc in the Bat-cave.

Yadda, yadda, yadda and Catwoman and Batman team up to fight ninjas.

A trend I noticed last week continued this week. In the first episode, Batman is still talked about by police and reporters as if he were an urban legend. In Traction, the reporter asks police to comment on rumors of Batman's disappearance and they do. This week, the front page of the newspaper has wonderfully posed pictures of both Batman and Catwoman.

How can the guy be an urban legend when the police talk about him and the newspaper has pictures of him? "No comment" from the police and an artist's rendering on the front page would seem to make more sense in overall continuity.

If last week's Traction was the most brutal fight we've seen Batman in, then this week wins for most agile fight. Anytime there is a fight involving ninjas with Catwoman and Batman on the beams of a ceiling, the real winners are the fans.

Catwoman herself, though voiced by Gina Gershon, was nothing special. The writing team didn't do much to update her or flesh out her character. The design team used the cat goggles Catwoman currently uses in comics, but also gave her giant cat ears which actually reminded me more of Fievel the mouse.

I guess we should all just be glad she wasn't wearing shredded leather pants.

Michael Goodson


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