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Enterprise: Slouching Toward The End?

UPN has announced that the first of the final six episodes of the season will debut next Wednesday. Things are really shaky right now. We fanboys aren't sure we'll be able to continue the prequel adventures deep in the original final frontier.

With only six episodes left anything can happen. Including the end of the series. And the end of Star Trek in prime time for a verrrrrrrry long time.

Such sour thoughts are like bringing up death at the dinner table. But the inescapable truth is WE COULD BE CANCELLED AT ANY MINUTE. So say your prayers, or light your Klingon ritual candles, meditate on the logical flows of the universe, pay bribes to the Material Continuum, have an orb experience with the Prophets or whatever other alien religion you subscribe to.

Star Trek.com has listed the last six episodes with log lines and guest lists. Lets take a sneak peek into the what could be the end…

04.21.04 Damage 071
While dissension among Xindi ranks festers, Enterprise tries to recover from a devastating attack.

This doesn't say much, does it? "Damage" picks up where "Azati Prime" left off. The crew of the Enterprise needs to patch up the huge holes in its bulk head. Oh, and for sure T'Pol and Trip will have some sexual tension subplot. And there will be lots of cut scenes to the Xindi high council. Perhaps we'll finally learn what role the Manatee Xindi play in the pentagonal species. The five separate races seem to be cut from a very generic mold.

Sloth Xindi: Nice, lovable and understanding.
Humanoid Xindi: Smart, power hungry and fearful.
Reptilian Xindi: Strong, barbaric and dangerous.
Insectoid Xindi: Creepy, asexual and wicked.

So where does that leave the Manatees?
Aqua Xindi: Big, yellow and don't speak English…

04.28.04 The Forgotten 072
Two high-ranking Xindi offer to stop the launch of their super weapon if Archer can prove they've been manipulated. Meanwhile, the crew mourns their lost mates.

Archer will get a hold of Gralik and some other Sloth Xindi, trying to convince them that destroying Earth is wrong. Degra has made more then one appearance on Enterprise, and each time has revealed he's not to pleased he's killing innocent people.

The "lost mates" are the fellows who were blown into space on "Azati Prime." Apparently about a fifth of the crew was taken out by the Delphic Expanse mission and NOW its starting to mess with people's heads…

05.05.04 E² 073
An attempt to use a Xindi subspace corridor leads Enterprise to a bizarre encounter with another Starfleet ship.

The last fun episode before the obvious three-part story of the last three episodes. The question is; which Enterprise will they be running into? Will Kirk and Spock make a guest appearance…? Or Picard and Riker? Or maybe Alan Ruck will return as Captain Harriman of Enterprise B...

Anything is possible. Especially since Enterprise is about NX-01 and Kirk's Enterprise was 1701. That's 1,700 other ships, any of which could've been called Enterprise… Oh the endless possibilities of time travel.

Best bet, it'll be Enterprise 1701-E and Worf will make his transition into the prequel universe, thereby completing his destiny of being on three Star Trek shows and four movies. Fanboy Planet editor Derek McCaw is betting everything on it being the Galileo 7.

05.12.04 The Council 074
Archer confronts the Xindi Council.

Star Trek.com warns its readers about spoilers. They're afraid people will be shocked to find out Archer was able to successfully convince Gralik the Xindi have been deceived. That's like calling milk cheese spoiled because it's become cheese. We all knew it was going to happen.

But this synopsis leaves a B story line up to the imagination of the readers. Will Archer debate the Xindi council for an entire episode, or will T'Pol get naked just before commercial break…?

Boy, this show rights itself! Or writes itself. I'm not sure which is more appropriate.

05.19.04 Countdown 075
With help from some Xindi factions, the Enterprise crew attempts to stop the arming of the Xindi Weapon.

Again, Star Trek.com red flags spoilers in its production synopsis.

05.26.04 Zero Hour 076
[Logline and Guest Cast to be announced.]

In a bizarre eleventh hour plot twist, Denise Crosby guest-stars as her own grandmother making a documentary on fans of Enterprise. It's sort of like the last episode of The Prisoner, only with fewer viewers in the long run.

Kevin Miller

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