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Precious Cargo
original airdate: 12-11-02

This week's Enterprise is pre-empted by the brand new show, Star Wars: The Series. While many fans are disappointed by the lack of Yoda Muppets, half the episode takes place on an alien swamp.

Starring in the Han Solo role is Commander Trip. His brash cowboy-like behavior puts him in the wrong place at the wrong time. A crew of aliens carries a princess across the cosmos, against her will. But since she is frozen in carbonite - or "cryogenics" - she can't ask for help. The aliens trick Han into fixing her stasis chamber, but when she suddenly wakes up, the two of them are held hostage.

Han convinces the Princess that they need to escape from their captives. She's not used to crawling through tubes, or dealing with villains, so she fights Han the whole way through the ship. Once underway in their escape, the sexual tension keeps pulling, and as the Princess points our how she's lonely at the top, we see a glimpse of next week's series premiere, Aladdin: The New Adventures In Space.

Crashing in Yoda's swamp, their bloods really start to boil as the Princess has to collect fire wood and tend to Han's wounds. When Han/Trip takes one too many risks, the Princess actually says, "You are my only hope for survival." She must have him confused with Obi Wan, quite possibly played by Captain Archer.

Eventually they kiss, but we never find out if she has a twin brother.

Laying o ver the entire episode are deep sweeping 1970s like music, long oboe solos, and dramatic strings. And to complete the retro Star Wars feel the Princess's make-up was thick and layered in blues.

It's fun to be retro. And maybe some day we can have an actual Star Wars TV show. (Actually, Kevin, we will on Cartoon Network next year.-- Derek) Until then we have these fun retro episodes on a series inspired by a retro show.

Kevin Miller

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