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original airdate: 11-20-02

You could've been $10 richer. I was wrong. There were no sexual tensions pulling this week's episode apart.

The prediction was based on the 20 second trailer in which Archer, sick as his dog, is forced to pilot Enterprise, with only him and T'Pol conscious. The previews led us to believe the entire episode featured the Captain and his first officer traveling the stars together, locked in sexual frustration, but in truth they only spent about 4 minutes together. And the only frustration came from T'Pol, who kept jolting Archer to keep him awake.

"Just a little tensi -- ?" "NO."
But since it wasn't sex (or violence) keeping the audience awake this week, it was humor. As the crew became consumed with the obsessive-compulsive disease, or OCD+, their behavior became more and more humorous.

They said only T'Pol and her hot Vulcan physiology was immune to the tri-star radiation causing their erratic behavior, but they were wrong. It wasn't mentioned, but Hoshi wasn't experiencing radiation poisoning in the kitchen, merely the ancient mental disorder that has recently been termed "Thanksgiving Meal Trauma." Did you see the way she snapped? No radiation could do that quite like the holidays.

But since the viewers aren't equipped with tricorders, this is only speculation.

Adding to the humor was the musical score. This episode was laced with theme music. Every time someone acted terribly odd we would hear the pounding of some great drum. Subliminally the director was saying, "See, they're acting weird."

Next week Hoshi will get the chance to act weird again, when she is the first victim of a transporter accident. Here is an episode that we could see coming since the pilot, and it's very impressive that they've waited this long to bust it out.

Hoshi will pull a ShadowCat and walk through walls. Meanwhile, she will be preparing a large 5-course meal for the entire crew. Sort of an X-Men meets Iron Chef.

All bets are off.

Kevin Miller

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