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The Communicator
original airdate: 11-13-02

Welcome back to the show we actually enjoy. After two boring and or confusing episodes, Archer and crew set out on an adventure worthy of the title Enterprise.

Since the crew of NX-01 are the first humans to ever go exploring the final frontier, they are apt to make stupid mistakes. And the very stupid mistake of losing your cell phone served as the premise for this week's episode.

While exploring a pre-warp world, Commander Tucker drops his communicator at a bar, and the locals believe it's a device used by their warring neighbors. When Archer and Tucker return to the planet to get it back they are trapped and sent to a compound by the local government. They are then interrogated, and treated as war spies.

We've seen this sort of thing before. Trek characters have been integrating with alien people and making some mistake since the first series. (Most notably in A Piece of the Action, which ends with a communicator getting left behind. -- Editor) But since the Enterprise prequel universe is set before quick and easy dermal surgery, the crew is forced to use the modern method of disguise: latex.

It's rather funny to watch characters on Star Trek peeling layers of latex off their faces. It's like a behind the scenes glimpse of what they do to Worf after a ten hour shoot. Except these aliens don't look like cool Klingons, but more like a colony of Frankensteins.

Still, we've grown accustomed to generic aliens. Sure, this pre-warp world is inhabited by people who have different faces and different guts, but they are still Americans. Every culture in the galaxy must go through the same timeline as Earth. And all of them have the same world struggles, with the same cultural differences, political battles, and the like.

This is very annoying. The Next Generation explained away why the entire galaxy is inhabited by "humanoids," but they didn't explain why every culture is the same. Every world seems to have taverns, streets and military compounds. Every world has political leaders, weapons of destruction, and nations at war. Every world has the same set of etiquette, greetings, and universal understandings. There are rare cases from episode to episode, but for the most part the planets are all the same. On every Star Trek show.

It would be nice if Enterprise could actually go into the final frontier, and meet people who act differently. Every world should be filled with mysterious alien people, not Americans with latex.

Besides the mono-cultural views, Communicator was a top-notch adventure. Next week an unknown disease strikes the Enterprise, and everyone gets really sick. The original Star Trek, and TNG also encountered a disease in space, in The Naked Time and The Naked Now. In both, everyone got a little heated (this is one of the two times Data got it on).

Let's see if Enterprise will be inflicted with a sexy parasite. And with the way Archer and T'Pol have been behaving this season, I'll bet ten bucks they will experience "sexual frustration" again. Even if they disease doesn't get them drunk, they'll be alone on the ship, and hormones will rise.

Ten bucks.

Any takers?

(I'll bet ten bucks next week Kevin Miller experiences "sexual frustration" again. -- Editor)

Kevin Miller

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