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The Seventh
original airdate: 11-06-02

Last week's episode had a dozen or so plot mistakes for us Fanboys to sort through. And this week's episode wasn't much better.

Certainly the conclusion was a lot stronger this week, and there may have been fewer plot holes, but it's hard to tell because the plot was hidden under a very confusing premise.

We learned this week that prior to T'Pol's association with the Vulcan science council she was a member of a security team. About two decades earlier she failed to capture one of seven double-crossing Vulcan operatives, and now she has been called to finish the job.

A clear cut mission if it wasn't for Vulcan brain washing, forcing her to forget killing one of the operatives, thus confusing her loyalties, and making her (and us) wonder if maybe the fugitive doesn't deserve to be taken to the council. Is he just a good guy?

The Vulcans accuse him of being a biological weapons trader, and he says he's a simple spent ejector core hauler, trying to a make a buck for his family. Can we trust the high council? The Vulcans have committed a number of covert self-righteous actions (like disguising a listening post as a temple).

And since T'Pol was brain washed to forget part of the mission, we are even more skeptical. We all remember how much it sucked for Logan to be part of Weapon X. As cool as it would be for T'Pol to have an adamantium skeleton, she's still in turmoil.

"One more line and I'll earn residuals!"
To help her solve her inner struggle she brings the only person she can trust, Captain Archer. This is good, because for a minute there it looked like Lt. Mayweather was actually going to have a story line. Fortunately he only tagged along for the adventure. Could you imagine what would happen if an episode starred anyone but Archer, T'Pol or maybe Trip? Why, such potential depth of characterization could spell disaster!

It doesn't do T'Pol much good to bring either of the humans along. Mayweather said about five lines, and three of those were "Aye, sir." And Archer, the man she trusts, can't pull a trigger on a man walking away from a crime scene. Instead of firing his phase pistol at the villain, he leans into T'Pol and gives her a very confusing speech about how she's there to capture the operative, not judge him.

Now wait a second here! All we've done since the series started is judge random strangers. Archer zooms around the first part of the final frontier deciding who is good and who is evil. The Suliban are bad. But not all Suliban. Some races deserve medical help, others don't. And now suddenly, for no other reason than the Vulcans say so, T'Pol isn't supposed to decide if the man is innocent or guilty? Wow. I'm confused.

The only saving grace came after the last fire-fight, when we learn that he really was smuggling biological weapons. But, what if all they found on his ship was spent ejector cores? Then they had him all wrong, and now he lost the life he built because the government said so.

This very confusing episode is strike two. If next week's isn't any better than Wednesday night Fanboy will start reviewing Bernie Mac and Cedric the Entertainer.

"If you want a Pepsi - ask for a Pepsi."
- Bernie Mac

"If you want Star Trek watch TNN or the Sci-Fi channel."
- A. Bitter Miller


Kevin Miller

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