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A Night In Sickbay
original airdate: 10-16-02

If you ever liked Star Trek, and you're not watching Enterprise, you're making a big mistake. Not only a great Trek series, Enterprise provides some of the best television produced today.

And this week was no exception. A Night in Sickbay was billed as Captain Archer dealing with the sexual tension between him and first officer hottie T'Pol. But there was far more going on than just Vulcan lust.

Nothing more than a footnote from an episode in the first season inspired the backdrop for this episode. Vox Sola dealt with an alien who drained the crew's life away with a giant symbiotic web in the shuttle bay. The Enterprise was infested with the web by an alien species named Kreetassans, who had very strict cultural rules. The Captain's actions at the dinner table offended the Kreetassan diplomats. Well, specifically the action of eating. In their culture eating is an intimate activity, equal to mating. On Kreetassia, McDonald's is kind of like a whorehouse. Which kind of brings a whole new meaning to "I'd like to supersize that.".

It took about 4 sentences to sum up their culture, and that's about as much attention as they got in Vox Sola. All the Kreetassans were was an obstacle to be conquered so the crew could retrieve the cure for the Vox Sola. Just for fun, the aliens returned this week to add stress to Captain Archer's night.

At just this moment in the show,
50,000 fanboys lost consciousness.
Most of the action, and stress, took place in sickbay (because its not called A Night in T'Pol's McDonald's PlayLand- much to the dismay of many 15 year old boys). While visiting the Kreetassan home world, Captain Archer's pet beagle contracted a pathogen. Feeling lonely in his pet-free quarters, Archer bunks with his comatose pup. But as anyone who has ever tried to spend the night in a hospital knows, sleeping is not possible. Though Archer didn't have one of those fashionable backdoor gowns, he was trying to sleep in an alien hospital, which is part infirmary, part zoo and all freak show.

But with all the additional plot lines, the one that we care about the most is the sexual tension. (Stories about dogs dying went out with Old Yeller.) No doubt Archer has some sort of attraction to T'Pol. Every episode we get a glimpse of her Vulcan abs (which are not pointed). It's kind of like Kirk, who always seemed to lose his shirt in a fight. But T'Pol is hotter for sure. For sure.

The surprising thing is that at the end of the episode T'Pol leaves the audience, and Captain Archer's eyebrows, raised, thinking, "Wait - does she have a thing for Archer?"

Really, this isn't surprising. We all want them to hook up. No, that's not true - all the men want to hook up with T'Pol individually, but if that can't happen it seems logical that it should fall to Archer.

But wait - what about the sexual tension felt between her and Trip? We've seen them rub each other down in sickbay. Hmmmm.

The truth is: It doesn't matter. Anything to talk about sex and T'Pol. But they're doing it well. Just like the amazing special effects of the original Star Wars. All of the huge ships and space chase scenes were needed to tell the story; there were no CGI amphibian people in the film JUST BECAUSE. And the sexual tension - while having special effects - is used to tell a pretty entertaining story.

Next week we already get a rerun. For some reason they're re-broadcasting the season premiere. But the night before Halloween we go back to fighting the Klingons. Last year on Halloween we met the Andorians. Now many fans are torn. Should we be Andorians or Klingons? Which one would T'Pol be more likely to rub down in sickbay?

Kevin Miller

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