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original airdate: 10-08-03

T'Pol's gone mad. Her face is bubbling green. Archer, who has a very deep scratch on his face, wrestles her to the medical bed with the help of Dr. Phlox. They fight to strap her down as she screams, "You're trying to kill me!"

And then the happy theme song.

This week's episode of Enterprise ranks higher on the action scale than anything this season. It's also the first to fall under the ghost story genre. After the commercials Phlox and Archer knock the crazy Vulcan chick out, and roll her into the cat-scan of the future. Then with the magic of titles we go "One Day Earlier."

So we watch the end of the episode first, and then spend the next 50 minutes wondering how they get there. It's kind of dramatic, but since that opening clip was used as the commercial for this episode the sort of reverse story telling isn't as potent.

Nevertheless, in the land of "One Day Earlier," the Enterprise encounters a popcorn chicken asteroid field with rocks unpredictably bouncing off each other. Deep inside the meteor jungle they detect a Vulcan ship. T'Pol instantly recognizes it, and reminds the crew of its mission. In last season's finale we saw the Vulcan vessel sent to save this ship. It was full of gory pointy eared freaks tearing each other apart like a flock of girls at an Aaron Carter concert.

Could this happen to T'Pol…?

Only one way to find out. Load a shuttle pod up and zoom out of range of Enterprises' aid. Oh, and don't forget to bring T'Pol.

Meanwhile, Tucker and Reed play Armageddon with shuttle pod two, and land on a meteor to harvest some Trillium D (see nerd dictionary).

Trillium D: Noun. 1. The most sought after element in the expanse, because in its raw liquid form it acts like a lucky rabbit's foot and wards off all the crazy anomalies plaguing this section of space. 2. Jadzia Dax's bra size.

Once inside the Vulcan star ship we see yet another clip from the yet to be released Star Trek: Enterprise the video game.

This whole season has been constructed to give the game developers something more to work with than the usual Star Trek game. In the past, games consisted of badly constructed away teams exploring planets. More recently game developers have just invented story lines that never existed, like Voyager: Elite Force. Janeway formed a team of elite marines to go on bad ass missions with super powered phasers. Never happened in the series, but a decent game. So, now, they just create the elements needed for the game in the show. (Much like when the "Warp Core Breach" rum drink made an appearance on Deep Space Nine to justify its place on the menu at the Star Trek: Experience in Las Vegas.)

The Enterprise video game will be filled with the new Star Fleet Marines, shooting through the 5 distinct Xindi alien lands. And now you can bet money on it there will be a level on a Vulcan Zombie ship. It turns out Trillium D makes Vulcans loosen their tight grip over their emotions. It also makes them walk and think like The Living Dead. Hoardes of undead Vulcans limp around the ship swinging pieces pipe and clawing at the crew as if they were strangely hungry for brains.

The away team tunnels through the Vulcan ship, trying to escape as T'Pol quickly becomes as disfigured as the rest of her kind. She accuses Archer of trying to kill her, of trying to lead her to this death ship, of trying to cheat at Monopoly by slipping an extra hotel on his Park Place.

Well, in the end, all four members of the away team escape - even the Enterprise equivalent of the red shirt guy makes it out alive. But since Trillium D makes Vulcans go mad like Raid kills bugs dead, Archer is forced to abandon his plans of lining the ship with the rare element. So now it's either find a plan B… or allow the unpredictable anomalies to play havoc on the ship.

And even worse, T'Pol just may be too sick in the head to recover by next week's adventure. Could this be the first real casualty of Enterprise…. Or just an excuse to make her more emotional? Only time will tell.

In next week's adventure a telepathic madman will contact the crew and offer an indecent proposal to Hoshi (this is to counter the complete lack of attention to her character this season). For crucial information about the evil Xindi all he asks is for Hoshi's undying love… or something.

On the Alien Species Scale this episode scores a…

Borg: This week's creepy undead theme was the closest thing to a Star Trek zombie since the cyborg clan. If there is any way to keep these Trillium Vulcans around they'll be a great recurring villain.

Kevin Miller

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