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Dead Stop
original airdate: 10-09-02

The Star Trek franchise has always boldly explored the human condition while teaching good morals and life lessons. The lesson this week? Even in space people are forced to deal with automated telemarketers.

However, in the future telemarketers don't just leave bizarre messages on your answering machine, they also have gigantic robot arms, complete with industrial replicates perfect for fixing broken star ships. And in the future, humans become really gullible.

At least Captain Archer had a "bad feeling" about letting an unmanned alien space station repair Enterprise. But his gut didn't start talking until about 25 minutes into the show. Granted, Archer didn't get to see the trailer for this weeks episode, thus sneaking a peak of a dead Lt. Mayweather, so he wasn't screaming at the screen like the rest of us, "DON'T GO IN THERE." Maybe he just forgot to trust his instincts.

Suspension of memory seemed to be rampant this week. Here's a good question. WHERE WERE THE VULCANS? Every other week the humans are beating Vulcan ships off like flies. The pointy-eared logic lovin' fools have been constantly pestering Enterprise. No one even excused the Vulcans by saying "The nearest Vulcan ship is 10 months away - detained at a Trek Convention," or something. But if the characters remembered everything every time then there wouldn't be much of a story.

Things were never the same between Trip and Reed after the incident in the decontamination chamber.
These two moments of memory lapse can be quickly overlooked when compared to the amazing detail included in Dead Stop. The amount of consistency could make this week's episode part 2 from last week's, when an ancient Romulan mine field blasted a chunk from the saucer section, and the crew was forced to release a panel of the hull plating to escape a second mine's destruction. So let's give credit where credit is due: at least the writers remember what they wrote last week.

And so are technical directors. The alien ship displayed a holographic readout of the Enterprise and its needed repairs, with the mine-damaged section in red. A closer look revealed a second patch of red, where the panel of hull plating was released. And if that wasn't impressive enough, Commander Trip made a callback to the pilot episode, when he scratched the paint with a shuttle pod.

It's as if all the minds of the Enterprise creative staff have been woven together in some sort of bioelectric interface.

Speaking of minds woven together in some sort of bioelectric interface, we've sort of met the builders of the repair station before. In the episode Fight or Flight, Captain Archer and crew found an alien ship that had been attacked and its crew subjected to a gruesome harvesting experiment (oddly enough, Hoshi referenced that episode as the first time she'd seen dead people - probably to subliminally remind us, or pay homage to Bruce Willis). The aliens who harvested the ship tried to attack Enterprise but never revealed their faces. At the time, some fans that write Enterprise reviews for Fanboyplanet.com suspected these aliens to be Romulans - but have since changed my mind - ah, his mind - their minds…damn this being coy.

But we probably won't find out more about these guys next week, because we're taking a night to enjoy watching T'Pol and Captain Archer explore the pains and pleasure of sexual tension. Captain Archer is in for a bad time - little does he know Vulcans are only in the mood once every seven years.

And so Enterprise forges on to further our understanding of life, living and sexual frustration.

Kevin Miller

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