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original airdate: 09-24-03

When will they learn? You don't go down to an alien planet in a section of the galaxy where the laws of physics are different and bad alien dudes swarm like killer bees! Period



Well we really can't end there, can we?

After a quick and mysterious teaser, we come back from commercials to find Trip continuing his "sessions" with T'Pol. In the season opener it was an excuse for the two of them to get naked. This week it's just Trip - sorry, guys. And we learn something valuable about the future: they don't wear socks!

Archer's blood thirst for the Xindi brings the crew to a tropical planet where he believes he'll be one step closer to the aliens who are terrorizing Earth. Unfortunately when Enterprise knocks, no one is home. Archer, T'Pol, the armory office Reed, and the linguist Hoshi form a landing party. (Why is the linguist part of an away mission on an empty planet… ?) They find burned bodies and a scorched landscape around a broken alien vessel.

Suddenly, everyone goes alien werewolf. The night sky seems to transform the crew instantly into fleshly lizard people with long hair, big eyes, and giant swelling air sacks on their necks. T'Pol, of course, is immune.

Back on Enterprise Dr. Phlox tries to persuade Trip to stay off the surface for fear they would be transformed, too. But don't worry, says Trip, we'll be wearing space suits…


People have been miraculously transformed to the point that they're not even registering as humans in a matter of minutes. And they can assume bio suits will protect them? There is more on a planet than atmosphere. Gravity, for example. Light. How about radiation?

Yes, yes, if they don't explore the show would be boring - but they're not on a mission of exploration and fact finding. They're hunting for terrorists! Some precautions might be nice.

But before we go interjecting logic let's look at some of the bonuses of this episode. The performances by Bakula, Keating and Park (Archer, Reed and Hoshi) are very impressive. The Star Trek casting folks have a long list of people that do creature aliens really well. The same group shows up as different aliens on different episodes. At first glance you'd think three of these actors replaced the stars when they became alien werewolves. But they actually were played by the stars themselves. Their movements and odd alien voices are believable and very captivating.

And thanks to Hoshi being among them, T'Pol has the tools to communicate with them and their newly learned alien language (that's why the linguist tagged along - ohhhhh). Once they start speaking English the alien stars aren't as interesting - but still the mystery of why they transformed keeps the plot moving along.

It's revealed that the people who formerly ruled this planet suddenly couldn't reproduce. So they fashioned a virus that altered aliens' DNA to their own, in order to repopulate their species. The virus spread like an epidemic, and local worlds, afraid of it spreading, work to destroy all those exposed to it. One of these neighboring planets finds Enterprise has infected crew members, and threatens to destroy everyone in the name of quarantine.

During negotiations Trip delivers a speech so balanced and reasoned it could've come from Picard's mouth himself. He's able to keep the aggressors at bay long enough to beam the away team back to Enterprise - which is saying something when the transporter is just as likely to work as it is to twist your molecules into a biochemical jambalaya.

Dr. Phlox is fortunate enough to create a vaccine for the virus, and Archer, now in original human form, gives it freely to the alien aggressors. Totally in volition of the prime directive. Which is OK, because there isn't a prime directive, yet. Then again, even Kirk tried to steal the Romulan cloaking device.

Just before the credits roll Archer has Phlox keep the last of the virus on ice, to preserve the memory of the people who created it. A fitting gesture, since they're afraid the human race could be wiped out. But also a very dangerous one. Knowing how the writers for Enterprise love to re-incorporate mistakes, we just might see the deadly mutagen again (but next time everyone will become Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

On my new species ratings scale this week's episode scores an …

Old School Ferengi. The first time we met the Ferengi they bounced all around, sniffed things, and contorted their hands and necks as they talked. And most fitting: one of the first Ferengi ever was none other than Armin Shimerman - who later played the leading role Quark, on Deep Space Nine.

Next week on Enterprise:
The naked knob is turned up to eleven when a super bi-sexual bi-species, bi-everything sex slave is turned loose on the crew. This makes up for the past two weeks where no one's been naked.

Kevin Miller

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