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original airdate: 05-14-03

Aaaand we're back.

Usually we have to wait at least a week to get a second episode of Enterprise. But this week we are blessed with two brand new adventures, back to back.

Savor this, because next week is the season finale, and then it's back to the TNG reruns on TNN (aka "SPIKE!") until the fall. Boy, summer can sometimes feel longer than THE GREAT BARRIER, THE BAD LANDS and THE NECROM EXPANSE combined.

So that may be the reason why the kind folks over at Enterprise headquarters have supplied us with this week's bounty, er, "Bounty."

The commercials make us believe the episode revolves around T'Pol in heat. But actually, T'Pol is the B story line. Good thing, too. While it's great seeing her writhe around in decon for hours on end, it's terribly frustrating watching the Doctor deny her sexual advances.

Some parasite causes her mating cycle to prematurely activate. And now all she can think about is premature activation. Alone with Dr. Phlox she begs and begs for him to give her the "cure." Now all I can think about is premature activation.

The story seems fun and sexy until it becomes clear that even if the hottest Vulcan begs for you to mate with her to cure pon farr, if it's not what she really wants, then it's just as if she were drunk, and you'd be taking advantage of her condition.

Oh, man, is that a downer or what? Leave it to Star Trek to make things all moral.

Yeah. T'Pol goes into heat and THIS is the promotional image startrek.com uses.
Alternate punchline:
"Don't worry. It happens to lots of guys."
However, we're left wondering if the Doctor will give in and perform the procedure. Meanwhile the captain has been kidnapped by a bounty hunter. The alien, who looks like a high functioning Wookie, plans to return Archer to the Klingons. They've placed a bounty on his head for escaping their frozen prison earlier this year.

And when the wannabe Wookie's ship is attacked by a fellow bounty hunter, Archer once again miraculously learns an alien language and pilots the ship to safety.

Yes, it's possible that he could be such a good pilot that he could operate alien star ships without knowing how to read all the instruments. But to be able to tell when the computer is saying there is a nearby L class planet is just not a skill he could pick up. Unless pilots come with a sixth sense.

Archer makes friends with his Wookie buddy, and is able to convince him that turning him over to the Klingons would be wrong. Together they find a solution that benefits everyone.

While the A story seems rather generic, it's the characters' goals that make everything tie together. You believe the Wookie guy has honest intentions. He wants his cargo ship back from the Klingon impound, so he's forced to do their dirty work. And the Klingons themselves are taking shape as the bullies of the quadrant. Which is a very different view from the twenty-fourth century, when they're honorable and lovable.

However, to let us all down, T'Pol never gets any action. The only thing we're left with is knowing that her real pon farr is coming - and soon she will need the touch of a man. A real man. And when it's not artificial, and her life is in the balance, someone's gotta make it with the Vulcan…

I think startrek.com may be holding some sort of contest.

Kevin Miller

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