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The Forgotten
original airdate: 04-28-04

Star Trek: Enterprise has effectively been transformed into a mini-series. Each episode is only an installment of the overall story. But unlike most mini-series, this one has stretched FAR BEYOND sweeps week.

We pick up the tale as the Enterprise races to meet Degra, the Xindi council member. His character has morphed considerably over the past half dozen episodes. He started as a diabolical militaristic engineer who helped design a weapon that killed seven million humans. However, tiny seeds of guilt have blossomed in his heart, growing into a flourishing tree of peace. Well, his character growth may not be that dramatic, but it certainly is worthy of some word picture.

Captain Archer attempts to convince Degra the Xindi council has been lied to by time traveling alternate universe aliens. While Degra reviews Archer's evidence, a plasma conduit on the Enterprise erupts. Trip and Reed rush to stop the fountain of hot green plasma, while Degra stands on the bridge like a casual observer. Later he just chills in astrometrics, while Trip gives him a penny's worth of thoughts about the Xindi and their terrorist actions.

Degra has earned an awful lot of sudden trust if he can stand on an enemy's ship without a security team or any noticeable precautions. Guilt does funny things to people. T'Pol, however, is suffering from more then just guilt. More then even Trillium D abuse. She's suffering from AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL SYNDROME.

It's a fatal disease which forces message-driven content down the throats of viewers. The outcome, however, will undoubtedly be a transformation of her character. At the start of the season the writers talked about letting more of T'Pol's emotions leak through her crisp Vulcan shell. If they didn't want an emotionally restricted character on the show, then they should not have written in a Vulcan. To fix this, they're rewriting her character in a very unnatural and annoying fashion. Look forward to T'Pol expressing her newfound emotional abilities in episodes to come. Basically, she'll be a human with pointy… ears.

This will, of course, make Trip an extra happy man. Their neural pressure sessions have grown way past the point that steamy makes an adequate adjective. And with T'Pol's use of passion, Trip could be in for more then just neural pressure (again).

But this week his attention has turned to a rather touching subplot. Asked to write a condolences letter to the parents of a fallen crewmember, Trip is forced to deal with the loss of his friends and sister in a very real way. This has been an excellent opportunity for Connor Trinneer to show off some of his finer acting abilities.

Most of "The Forgotten" was spent bouncing around the ship, highlighting bits and pieces of the crew's relationships. Just another day in space fighting alien terrorists. And in the grand scheme of the series, "The Forgotten" will most likely become just that.

Next week's episode boasts that it's an episode for all time, but it smells like a plot from Voyager. Enterprise will run into their future descendants. The second generation crew, sons and daughters of Archer, Phlox and T'Pol, meet their parents in a bizarre universe collision. Will the Galileo 7 make an appearance? Editor Derek McCaw has just doubled his bet.

Until next week, let's. score this week's episode on the alien rating scale…

They erased the minds of Picard's crew but accidentally left behind little clues. Not able to turn down a mystery the crew rediscovered the Paxans and were almost annihilated. But who remembers them, really?

Kevin Miller

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