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original airdate: 04-16-03

This week's Enterprise started by sparking some memories. Remember the very first episode, when Travis Mayweather hung out in the "sweet spot" of the ship? That perfect place between decks, where the gravity plating isn't in full effect and you can float around weightless? Oh, and remember that supporting character that's supposed to have a "lead" on the show? You know his name. Travis Mayweather.

Well, the writers almost completely forgot about him. Sure he's not the most interesting character on the show, but if we had to watch 4 seasons of Kes then we can handle a few episodes with Travis.

And in this week's episode, Mayweather asks the Captain if they can take a slight detour so he can visit his family. Of course the captain sees nothing wrong with adding 10 hours to his flight plan to accommodate a lonely ensign. But since Star Fleet was ordering Enterprise to turn around and fly back 30 light years, we can assume efficiency isn't that important in this week's adventure.

The real important things are plot questions like "will T'Pol watch the classic Frankenstein picture with the rest of the crew?"

With all this apparent free time commander Trip sets up extra movie nights, and practically begs T'Pol to join. She works to escape the evening by avoiding Trip, or manufacturing a headache. But in the end she's forced to go.

Meanwhile in the A storyline, Travis hashes out a tired fight between him and his brother Paul. Their tension is heightened thanks to Paul's unpleasant promotion. After their father's death, Paul assumed the captain's chair of their family owned and operated cargo ship.

Aged and weathered, the E.C.S. Horizon has been carting out the trade routes, but the crew is experiencing an all time low in morale. And when some alien pirates bully them into giving up their cargo, Paul and Travis butt heads harder than their entire childhood. Travis tries to formulate a plan to defend the Horizon, but Paul would rather give in to their demands.

Both the A and B stories build nicely, until the last ten minutes. Travis is able to convince his brother to let him use his improvised weapons. And after waiting half the episode to see if the plan will work, the whole ordeal is over and done with in seconds, and without any sort of real climax. Fire weapon. Miss. Do a lap. Fire weapon. Hit. Fly away. Who cares?

And T'Pol ends up liking the Frankenstein flick. She defined it as an allegory for how humans treat those who are different or alien. This would be a good end to a decent B story line, when suddenly the volcano ridden planet that drove them 30 light years off course starts exhibiting signs of microcellular life. T'Pol says, "In the words of Dr. Frankenstein, 'It's alive.'" And then, that's it. We never find out more about the alien life signs or what happens to the volcano world.

This episode was rather unbalanced, even for an Enterprise "Event."

Not that the term "Event" actually means anything, because all the episodes this month have been "Events" according to the commercials. Last week it was "Enterprise Event: Judgment." And next week we'll watch, "Enterprise Event: The Breach." This week was, "Enterprise Event: Horizon." Those who remember the film Event Horizon will agree the idea of calling every episode an event is just as bad.

Maybe next week's "Event" will spark some more memories. Like, remember last week when we didn't know what happened on that volcano planet? And, remember that awful movie Event Horizon? Boy, was it bad.

Kevin Miller

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