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The Crossing
original airdate: 04-02-03

After skipping the entire month of March, Enterprise returned this week with an all new episode. Well, as "all new" as an episode of Star Trek can be these days.

At the top of the episode Archer and crew prepare themselves for an on-coming vessel. Without a warp signature or life sign readings, the ship almost appears to be some sort of phantom. Everyone on board is on guard, except for Archer, who keeps smiling at the oddity of their new guests. Then the alien ship opens a huge cargo door, and swallows the Enterprise like it was a bite sized star ship snacker.

Suddenly Archer isn't smiling. And any hint of amusement is completely removed from his face when Commander Trip experiences a "crossing" with one of the non-corporeal aliens. Trip insists they're friendly explorers, willing to give the crew a truly out of body experience, but Archer keeps scowling.

Good thing, too. It turns out the aliens are evil. They're actually combing space, looking for creatures that they can inhabit.

Exactly how does the Captain know that ahead of time? There really was no reason for Archer to suspect that the aliens were hostile. He thought from square one that the aliens were bad, despite his crew's judgment. Why can't we have an episode where Daddy DOESN'T know best? Where his human skepticism and limited understanding of the galaxy does get in the way.

Not likely.

Reed tries to convince T'pol
that it will do wonders for her complexion.
Well, thanks to Archer's uncanny ability to sniff out the bad aliens they begin locking away anyone who becomes an alien zombie - including zombie Reed, who orders T'Pol to disrobe and mate with him.

Wait a second - we never saw the alien enter Reed's body, it happened "off camera." He must have been faking the whole thing, hoping that T'Pol would fall for his dumb blond / alien zombie routine. Boys, write that one down - it almost worked.

Ensign Mayweather discovers that the catwalk can shield them from the aliens. And since the ship has been powered down for quite some time, the remainder of the crew regroups in the catwalk.

Now it's one thing to steal from other Star Trek shows to create a plot, but to steal from your own series when it's only the second season? That's sad. Just last December we watched the entire crew hide in the catwalk from some space radiation. And now they're back in the catwalk.

It's hard to tell if this is a continuity thing, where we'll see the crew use the catwalk as a safe house on a regular basis. Or if it happened because the writers couldn't think of anything else. A little from column A, a little from column B.

In the end they kick the aliens from their bodies by flooding the ship with gas, which temporarily "kills" humans. Don't worry, they're just sleeping. And Dr. Phlox's alien anatomy made him useless to the body snatchers, so he was able to save the day and enjoy more stage time this week, which is always a good thing.

Next week (speaking of ripping off old Star Treks) we'll enjoy Enterprise's rendition of a classic Trek film. That's right; Captain Archer is on trial in a Klingon court, in a special episode called, "Judgment."

Otherwise known as Star Trek VI 2: Undiscovered Country Boogaloo.

Kevin Miller

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