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original airdate: 02-26-03

Well, it's obvious Captain Archer doesn't read Fanboy Planet.

Just last week we discussed how he keeps getting himself into dangerous situations, and then this week he goes ahead and gets falsely arrested. What were you and Trip doing alone on a shuttle pod, light years away from the Enterprise!? Oh, Captain Archer - will you ever learn?

So Archer and Trip are tossed onto a prison transport vessel, en route to Canamar, the reportedly worst penal colony in the quadrant. Despite the enormous build up it received in the commercials, and the fact that every character practically shivered at its name, we never actually got to Canamar.

On their way there Kuroda (Mark Rolston) stages a prison break and takes control of the ship. He and his Nausican buddy, played by Michael McGrady, force Archer to pilot the ship away from the space police. This is quite a feat for Archer, because in a matter of seconds he is able to learn an alien language and decipher the computer's interface. This amazing skill takes away any uniqueness Ensign Hoshi was holding as the uncanny linguist.

But who cares - the show is really only about Archer, Trip and T'Pol. Right?

This episode is a great example of the star-trio formula. While Archer and Trip try to escape, T'Pol commands the Enterprise and plays diplomat to the Enolians who are responsible for mistakenly arresting the captain. We've seen her sit in the Captain's chair so much in the past two years we've forgotten that she wasn't supposed to be there.

Wait. Just who was going to be Archer's "Number One?" Whoever it is must be pissed. Replaced by a non-Star Fleet officer, in the SECOND HIGHEST position in the fleet. Ouch.

And T'Pol's odd mannerisms are becoming more and more noticeable. There are scenes where she stands perfectly still, and stares down another character. Then there are scenes where she slightly rocks back and forth, as if her shoes don't fit right. Occasionally she seems to flutter her eyes uncontrollably when she talks. Must be her constant inner battle to keep her emotions repressed. Either that or she's been hitting the bio-resequencers a little too hard. . .

Canamar builds to a very suspenseful conclusion with the crew of the Enterprise evacuating the prison ship, while Kuroda boxes with Archer. But the episode's last scene leaves us thinking, "Well, that was odd," when Archer yells at the Enolian diplomat. He accuses his people of making hasty judgments and pretty much tells him to take a long walk off a short plasma manifold.

Yes, the Enolians where responsible for taking him under custody, but is it such a good idea to blow up at an alien sheriff? This is one of those things that will definitely come back to haunt Enterprise.

But we won't know for a few more weeks, since the series won't run a new episode until the 19th of March. Until then let's all pull out our Star Trek diaries and fill in the new information we've learned from this week's episode.

Archer: Great at piloting alien vessels.
Hoshi: Less important than ever.
Nausicans: The fat ones are green.
Enolians: A civilization wound with red tape, and fueled by passing the blame onto someone else.
Canamar: A really scary prison. Someday we may actually see it.
T'Pol: Drinks too many Romulan Espressos. But still hot.

Kevin Miller

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