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original airdate: 01-08-03

Let's ignore the countless episodes of Star Trek ripped off by this week's installment of Enterprise. A human and an alien are trapped on a planet together and forced to get along or die.

Look into this shiny silver thing.


original airdate: 01-08-03

This week's episode of Enterprise was a brand new premise never done by any other show!

Trip tests the new autopilot upgrades in a tight network of moons, when suddenly an alien scout ship fires on him, splashing them both down on one of the moons. Though Trip attempts to fix his transceiver to speak with Enterprise, the alien who shot him down steals it.

Our man Trip hunts down the alien's camp and tricks the green-skinned lizard man into leaving the transceiver unguarded. But instead of just snatching up all the pieces of his valuable radio, Trip hangs around and appears to try and fix it. Or maybe he was collecting all the broken parts, and when he heard the lizard man return he threw it back on the ground. This was not clear.

What is clear was the hostile nature of the alien. Zho'Khaan (Gregg Henry) fires on Trip and forces him to fix the transceiver. And Trip, without the aid of a universal translator, is still able to understand key phrases such as "try any funny business and you're dead." This must be a universal saying, something every culture in the galaxy uses as bad dialogue in their TV shows.

Meanwhile, Brad Greenquist as Khata'n Zshaar, Zho'Khaan's superior, uses his booming voice and fascinating mannerisms to intimidate the crew of Enterprise. Archer wants to work with him to find their crew members, and Khata'n Zshaar just wants to tear his body into pieces.

On the surface of the desert moon Trip is cut and Zho'Khaan uses his magical lizard spit to instantly regenerate his skin. Trip has a habit of swapping bodily fluids with green-skinned aliens. Last season he got pregnant after fooling around on a holodeck, and now a humanoid dilophosaurus gives him the kiss of life. He gets around.

Once Trip gets the transceiver working, he unties Zho'Khaan to help him carry it up the mountain, where it will have a better chance of sending a signal to Enterprise. Unfortunately the only help Zho'Khaan offers is a good old fashion ass cleaning. They fight until they are literally shoving each other around on the ground, too tired to throw punches. Being the cowboy he is, Trip still offers a chance to Zho' to help him.

Here's where things get sticky. As the sun rises the moon warms up to a cool 170 degrees, and neither Zho' or Trip will last too long. Zho's body begins to enter cellular decay so transporting him isn't an option. Again being the cowboy he is, Trip doesn't want to leave without his buddy. He risks his life waiting for the aliens to alter their shuttle pod to fly safely through the moon's atmosphere and rescue them.

Here are some plans no one thought of:

1. Beam down water for Zho to drink and regain health enough to be transported.
2. Beam down shelter to block out the 170 degrees of death.
3. Beam down Zho's relatives to spit on him till he got better.

Sure the transporter isn't that reliable, but it still works.

Hey look at that shiny thing.


original airdate: 01-08-03

This week's episode of Enterprise featured a very interesting race of aliens. Last season was heavy with cool new villains every week - but this year we haven't run into that many new bad guys. With great performances from Brad Greenquist as Khata'n Zshaar we can look forward to more appearances of the green-skinned, defensive, deceiving, health spitting aliens*.

Until then, buy Men In Black II on DVD, available at Amazon.com.

*and no I don't know how to spell their names so I'm not even going to try.

Kevin Miller

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