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In a Mirror, Darkly part 2
original airdate: 04-29-2005

After Enterprise goes into dry dock and leaves the squinted public eye forever we’ll have a handful of rather memorable episodes. The “In a Mirror Darkly” two parter will be on that short list.

Unlike any other Mirror Universe story, no one hopped from one universe to the other. And really, thanks to the prequel nature of the show, no one could. Kirk was the first to discover it. Instead we begin and end in the Mirror Universe with only the 23rd century Defiant connecting the two realms.

The first half of “Mirror” focused on the premise. This week we delve deeper into the characters. Commander Archer is mad for power and wrestles with the ghost of the good universe Captain Archer. Dr. Phlox showcases his character arc from Empire patriot to unsuspected rebel. And Sato lands a starring role as she rolls around with Archer.

There hasn’t been a more shockingly gratuitous sex scene since Trip rubbed down T’Pol in the pilot episode. Archer plots to remove all the alien crew members from the Defiant while Sato gives him a tongue bath. This one must have passed the censors since it was all in silhouette. But later Sato plays America’s Next Top Model as she races around the bedroom in the most revealing outfit EVER on Star Trek. Two words. Black. Thong.

But she’s not the only one that gets to wear a cool costume. Phlox and Sato aside, all the lead characters don old school solid color uniforms of red, blue and gold (and that weird green color the captain wears). And since it’s the Mirror Universe, Vulcan males, like Soval, wear a beard. Which strangely makes him look older and less intelligent.

“Mirror” pays close attention to the small details. The set is no exception. The Defiant’s bridge, Captain’s quarters and engineering are spot on replicas from Star Trek. But to make things more dynamic, the lighting director kept everything at half power.

After all, it can’t be an exact replica of the original show. Look at the Gorn stow-away. Kirk fought a crappy plastic suit with glittering discoball eyes. Archer gets to tangle with a CGI reptile that could’ve passed as Jar Jar Binks. Remember when people used to use PUPPETS to create aliens?

In the end, Sato used her black thong to conquer the Defiant… but history never told us if she conquered Star Fleet. If we had another season or two we could’ve expected a return to the story line…

But we all know how that story ends.

Only three episodes left. Hopefully they’ll be in “our” universe.

Kevin Miller

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