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original airdate: 05-06-2005

The Temporal Cold War of the first three seasons of Enterprise polluted the continuity of the Trek mythos. If an episode contradicted information from an earlier series then it could be easily written off as a side effect of the TCW. However, this lovely excuse was tossed out the airlock when the TCW was officially declared over in the second episode of this season.

So now the creators are forced to invent a new excuse for the fractured continuity between Enterprise and the rest of the Star Treks. Their answer: Blame the other shows.

Even by Kirk’s standards the lives of the crew of the NX-01 are the stuff of history books. With 150 years separating the two shows it’s like asking the common Joe to remember that in 1855 the Kansas territory was voted pro-slavery. Or that Doc and Marty went Back to the Future…

The average American could probably guess in 1855 some states were dealing with slavery issues. And by Kirk’s time the average Federation Citizen could probably remember in 2155 there was a movement for the purification of Earth for Earthlings.

What they all seem to have forgotten are the two key players: Prime Minster of Earth Nathan Samuels (Harry Groener) and xenophobic Terra Prime leader John Fredrick Paxton (Peter Weller). And history also seems to have forgotten the day the Earth was held hostage by a James Bond level villain.

When Trip and T’Pol learn they have the first ever Human/Vulcan child they begin a solar system wide search for the infant. They soon learn the alien hating Terra Prime has taken up residence on the moon. And it’s the most likely place where their laboratory born baby lives.

So when the parents request to be on the mission to investigate the lunar mining station Archer denies them. Knowing their emotional attachment to their child would get in the way of the mission…

Oh, no, wait – that’s what he DIDN'T do.

His choice made about as much sense as the all powerful Verteron Array. From Mars it uses a series of energy beams to redirect comets’ fatal flight plans. And it has enough power to burn holes in any heavenly body. Of course, there is the line of sight issue. We’ll just assume Mars’ view of Earth isn’t eclipsed by anything in 2155.

History REALLY failed to mention that one.

But what really stretches the imagination is the level of evil plotting Paxton went through to make his plan succeed. Not only did he employ geneticists to build a Human/Vulcan hybrid, but he also constructed a mining station capable of warp flight and orchestrated a world wide riot with followers as far out as the Enterprise.

This man may just be the greatest villain Archer will ever encounter. Most likely this story line was to be a two-part cliffhanger. There are enough elements crammed into this first half alone to suggest its was conceived to be a longer story.

Malcom gets back in touch with Section 31. And Mayweather, bless his shallow spotlight loving soul, gets a girlfriend and a backstory! Something more than, “I grew up in space.” So Mayweather wasn’t a totally wasted character… but pretty much.

Next week we’ll find out more about Mayweather’s spy-for-a-girlfriend. And in a two hour extravaganza… Enterprise will be taken out of the sky and off the air…

In the end, however, Paxton must be right. History does forget him. And the Next Generation will remember Archer and crew as a footnote and our history will only remember him as, “That guy from Quantum Leap who did the last Star Trek show.”

Kevin Miller

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