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original airdate: 05-05-04

Subcommander Goodson here, filling in for Ensign Miller this week on the Enterprise review. While I don't have the "street cred" Kevin Miller does (I don't own a Next Generation uniform) I've been watching Enterprise since it began. This season is one long storyline, which I feel the need to recap now for my sake as much as your entertainment.

Previously on Enterprise: Earth is attacked by a race called the Xindi, so Enterprise travels into an uncharted area of space called "the expanse" to see what's up with that. They discover that there are five types of Xindi, each with their own attitudes, but they all share the common goal of destroying the human race. They have been led to believe that humans will cause the extinction of Xindi, so they go about their plan of secretly building a weapon of mass destruction. (No, really this time.)

Meanwhile, T'pol is hooked on space crack. Trip hates the filthy Xindi because his sister died in the first attack on Earth. T'pol and Trip did the nasty but are both feeling awkward about it. Archer has formed an alliance with a high ranking Xindi named Degra, who doesn't trust the mysterious stranger that has been giving the Xindi information about us humans. Last week Degra gave Archer the location of the Xindi headquarters and told him to meet him there in three days and not to tell anyone, 'cause it's a surprise.

The rest of the ship's crew have gone about building a bamboo raft in the lagoon that they hope will one day provide a way off the island. Why they didn't think of that earlier…?

This week's episode starts with a glimpse into the future, which isn't obvious until later. In the present, a heavily damaged Enterprise must travel through a section of space called "the corridor," which is teeming with hostile Kovaalan ships. They decide to risk the journey, but before they get too far, a federation ship called Enterprise appears and tells them to go back.

The captain of the ship, Lorian, and his first officer explain that they exist because if Enterprise (prime) had gone trough the corridor, they would have been sent back in time 117 years. Rather than go back to Earth and corrupt the timeline, Archer and crew decided to hang out in the expanse and stop the Xindi from attacking Earth in the first place.

Since they had to wait a century for that to happen, they trained their descendants to complete the mission, but they failed. So now the descendants return to Enterprise (prime) to prevent them from inadvertently going back in time and help Archer and crew complete their original mission, thus negating their own lives. How noble and confusing at the same time.

Dr. Phlox confirms that Lorian and crew are who they claim to be, including that Lorian is the son of T'pol and Trip. That piece fit so nicely into place that it gets big kudos from me. See the cool things a show can do when you plan things in advance?

Trip gets acquainted with his son while Archer meets a 117+ year old T'pol. Hoshi and Travis gossip about who they would have married and mated while Malcolm broods over the fact that he never gets married. Ouch. Tough luck cougar.

Old T'pol gives young T'pol some information that proves that Archer and crew will not be able to make their rendezvous with Degra. With no other choice, they decide to risk going into "the corridor" again, but that plan doesn't sit well with Lorian. He feels Archer is doomed to fail again and takes matters into his own hands.

Interestingly, Lorian's plan involves taking parts from Archer's Enterprise to complete his mission, the same controversial decision Archer made last week. Irony sure bit him in the ass.

E2 (which I assume is short hand for Enterprise 2) has a plot hole as big as the expanse. Archer supposedly realizes that he can't take Enterprise back to Earth because of the impact on Earth's history it will have, but no one realizes that two Enterprises dogfighting each other in space negates the existence of Enterprise-2. If Lorian stole parts from Enterprise, then Archer and crew never went back in time and Lorian was never born!

Stupid, stupid, stupid Trek writers! Didn't you watch Back to the Future?

Using Kevin Miller's alien ranking system, which I only slightly comprehend, this week's episode scores a…

It had flaws that stuck out like silver colored golf ball eyes and was unable to figure out how to make gunpowder.

Michael Goodson

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