Out Cold

Out Cold
Release Date: May 21, 2002
Run Time: 90 min
Ten-second Rundown: The classic save-the-mounain for boozin' and bunnies formula returns for the new millennium. (That means that there are snowboards instead of skis.)


  • Commentary by directors Emmett & Brendan Malloy with Grandma Rose
  • "Greetings From Bull Mountain" (Featurette)
  • "King of the Mountain" (Action Montage)
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Spanish and French Subtitles

    Choice scene: Chapter 17, "Taking Back the Mountain"

    Tech Specs: Widescreen (1.85:1) Enhanced For 16x9 Televisions, Dolby Digital Surround Sound

    Out Cold comes from the same mold Kevin Smith paid homage to in Mallrats, and even stars Jason London, the twin brother of Mallrats star Jeremy London. The genre consists of a group of slackers forced to take on the responsibility of saving an institution they love, usually with the help of a harebrained scheme and a huge party. Throw in a romance plot, some T&A and a minor celebrity and you got yourself a good drinkin' party movie.

    The set-up this time is a crew of snowboarding buddies in the Alaskan town of Bull Mountain. Their way of life is threatened by minor celebrity Lee Majors' plans to turn Bull Mountain into Snownook, a trendy Aspen clone. Their plan is an all-out Animal House assault on the opening day.

    Thanks to a poor decision to slip under the PG-13 bar, the only thing missing is the aforementioned T and A. All the Ts have bras on and the only A is sculpted in bronze and belongs to Lewis Arquette. The picture itself has some solid laughs and some awesome snowboarding footage.

    The highlights are hilarious performances from Thomas Lennon (The State), David Koechner, and Zach Galifianakis (Bubble Boy). There are the standard gross-out gags involving men stuck in hot tubs and on-camera feces, but what sets Out Cold apart from most of the comedies that have come out since John Hughes moved on to the toddler set is that the plot matters. Most of these pictures just end up being a series of sketches with similar locations and characters (see American Pie 2) but Out Cold keeps a story going.

    The DVD features an odd but amusing commentary track with the brother directing team and their grandma. The featurette is pretty standard "Making of" fare, and the deleted scenes were deleted for a reason. The movie itself is a good time, and whether you pick up the disc or it comes around to cable, get together with your hardest drinkin' slacker pals and enjoy an '80s picture you missed back then 'cause it was made last year.

    Jordan Rosa

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