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Doctor Who Today's Date:

Doctor Who: Time Crash

This weekend the BBC aired its annual Children In Need telethon, which includes the best and brightest of their entertainment world coming in to get people to donate money. A couple of years ago, Doctor Who introduced David Tennant to the world through a minisode in which Rose witnessed her first transformation. That led directly to the classic The Christmas Invasion.

With the minisode Time Crash, the producers actually add a little. If you haven't seen the end of the third season (now available on DVD), this serves as a "lost scene." It picks up between the last two shots of the third season's last episode.

Steven Moffat has written some of my favorite episodes, and with this one, he pays homage to exactly why we get hooked in the first place. You see an actor who becomes your Doctor, and will be your favorite no matter what else happens on the series. Tom Baker is it for me, though David Tennant runs a close second. Who's Tennant's? You'll see...

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Derek McCaw

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