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Doctor Who
The Night of the Doctor

The only way this could possibly be more perfect were if it had come at the end of five more seasons’ worth of Paul McGann as the Doctor. More proof, if anyone needed it, that we were robbed when the TV Movie was all we ever had of the Eighth Doctor onscreen.

When I heard there was a mini-episode prequel to the 50th Anniversary special, this was pretty much exactly what I was expecting (as were lots of other fans). So we now know how the Eighth Doctor regenerates, and where John Hurt fits into the sequence, and we can pretty much guess what the awful thing he did that precluded him from being “the Doctor” was. It’s the obvious, and I have no problem with that.

Some people would say the Time War is a story that shouldn’t ever be told. I don’t think there are any stories that shouldn’t be told…I just think they should be told well, and this gives me great hope that we can expect this one to be told very well indeed. I can’t wait.

Drew Simchik


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