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original air-date: 04-11-04

Be Kind. Rewind: Lauren and her "Mum" killed Senator Reed and then framed him for all Lauren's indiscretions. Sloane, found to be working with Reed, had his pardon revoked and will be executed…supposedly.

Fortunately for us, the world didn't end with ABC's airing of the Nick and Jessica Variety Hour. However, I am still viewing this as a dark omen, so I may be buying out Sam's Club and stocking up on supplies Y2k style. But, I'm paranoid, so you might want to consider just riding it out.

Anyway, a sign that all is not wrong with the world might be the fact that this week's Alias was actually a pretty good episode with a solid storyline and great attention to detail. Then again this might be a fluke designed to throw us off course and lull us into a false sense of security…Hey, I told you I was paranoid.

Speaking of people with suspicions, this episode was full of them. Syd's worries that Lauren might be betraying her former boy toy come to a climax when she sees Lauren in a Berlin bar taking out a hacker that was working with the Covenant to locate the Passenger.

Before we move on, can I just say how much I loved this scene? Not because it was well put together or action packed or anything like that. No, this scene was awesome because for once in this series, Sydney wasn't the only one in a ridiculous disguise! Not only was Lauren in some seriously misguided attire, Vaughn had to endure this form of fashion torture as well. If seeing Boy Scout in eyeliner wasn't so damn funny, it might have actually frightened me.

Getting back to actual plot points, suspicious Syd informs virtuous Vaughn of lying Lauren's appearance, and he, of course, refuses to believe her. But, Jack's comparison of his marriage to Vaughn's own gets him a little worried. So he does what any doubting husband does and follows her around.

Finally, Vaughn takes action. This is a big step for Boy Scout. For once he isn't being passive aggressive and it's cool because watching Vaughn play the naïve good guy week after week was getting a little tired. Thankfully, by the end of the episode he knows what's going on. I'm hoping that Vaughn will want a little bit of revenge now that he knows that his marriage was a loveless sham, because how fun would that be? A pissed off Vaughn might just make this Fangirl's season.

Even though Vaughn did discover Wifey's misdeeds, one has to give credit to Lauren for keeping up the charade the way that she did. All the little details, the ways that she got around the truth, were quite impressive. Which kind of makes the fact that her cover was blown by a wig in the fake bottom of a suitcase a little lame. One would figure she would have thrown the hideous thing out after she was done with it, but I suppose it can be overlooked.

Thank god they got rid of Bomani. He wasn't an intimidating villain or really all that interesting of a character and it was about time that someone took him out. The fact that it was Sark doing the job in order to save Lauren was more than a little surprising. Could it be that Sark might actually have feelings beyond lust for the little traitor? If you ask me, I'd say it's doubtful, but Sark did seem affectionate towards Allison/Francie when she was around, so it might be possible that he has a heart somewhere in there. Granted, it's probably three sizes too small, but a heart nonetheless.

Oddly enough, a heart-like device is what led Bomani and Sark on their worldwide search for what is called "The Passenger." Apparently, it's not some weapon like the CIA first feared, but a woman. A woman that needs to be protected, particularly from Sydney… Jack seems to think that it's Irina, but methinks that the evidence points elsewhere especially since Sloane's affair with Spy Mommy is mentioned yet again at the end of the episode.

This might be a clue as to what could happen in future episodes, but in the meantime it serves as a great wedge between Jack and Sloane. Jack had reason enough to hate Sloane before, but this little detail makes takes the loathing to a whole other level. You could just tell that Jack was dying to use some of his torturing techniques on Sloane when he learned this bit of information.

Overall, "Unveiled" was a good episode. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was still really solid and worth waiting an extra hour to watch.

One note to leave off on: I still hate Sydney's hair. I'm sorry, I said I wouldn't mention it again, but time has not made this situation any better. Can't something be done? A clip, perhaps? Hair gel? Anything?

Rebecca Sparling

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