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original air-date: 03-30-05

Be Kind. Rewind: Last time we found out more about Spy Sis’s past and that Vaughn’s dad might have been a backstabbing liar…but, who isn’t to some extent on this show?

Apparently, Tuesday wasn’t the best of days for the folks at APO and especially not for Marshall. I mean not only is his darling little boy sick, but his office gets infected with a toxin leaving him the only member of the team capable of rushing to Havana to dig up Sydney from a grave and cut out some dude’s eyeball so he can prevent a larger chemical bomb from infecting an entire city.

Not so great for him, but pretty good for us viewers. Kevin Weisman, when used in the right manner, can be a joy to watch. Sometimes Marshall’s self-conscious ramblings are misplaced and rather annoying, but in episodes like “Tuesday” where we get to see him out of his element and experiencing new things usually work well.

The reason for this seems to be that Marshall is representative of us viewers. He’s not a super-spy like Syd or an experienced, often cold-hearted business man like Jack or Sloane, he’s just a normal guy who’s wife is mad at him and has too many things to do and not enough time to do it in. When Marshall gets to go out into the field and play the hero, it’s like the viewer gets to go along with him. And, like most of us probably would, he fumbles, he punctures the eye rendering it useless, and it’s funny to watch because unless you have been secretly training on cadavers or something, most of us would probably act in exactly the same manner.

Marshall, of course, is not the only one that’s having a bad day. Spy Girl gets buried alive next to some dead guy and her only link to the outside world is her rapidly dying cell phone, which somehow still gets service six feet under. I was totally expecting the Verizon guy to be lying next to her at some point, saying “Can you hear me now?”

The whole buried alive thing is a pretty scary idea, one that certainly gives us claustrophobics the wiggins, but, as usual, the promo made that seem like the main focus of the episode, when it wasn’t, and made it seem a lot scarier than it turned out to be. If they had left Syd buried until the very end of the episode, with only seconds remaining, then the creep factor might have been upped slightly.

Something really creepy was the awful get-up that they put Ms. Garner in at the beginning of the episode. A canary yellow salsa dancing dress topped off with a stringy jet-black wig reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s vampire phase? Why?

I know we have to make the outfits all crazy, so we can keep the “she can be anyone” slogan and have another frame to put in the beginning credits next season, but did anyone honestly think that that was sexy or even remotely good looking? On second thought, don’t answer that question. I think I’d rather not know.

Despite the awful apparel and the gag-me-with-whatever-object-is-handy scene featuring Sydney and Vaughn dancing at, of all places, a train station, “Tuesday” was a solid installment, one that I wouldn’t mind re-watching some Wednesday evening…get it? Wednesday? Tuesday? Ok, I’ll let it go.

Rebecca Sparling

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