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The Frame
original air-date: 03-28-04


Be Kind. Rewind: Lauren framed Sloane as the Covenant's mole, Syd stole a Rambaldi box with Irina's name on it, and Jack became suspicious of Lauren's actions.

"The Frame" gave fans a lot of things to think about: Vaughn's desire to separate from Lauren, Senator Reed's demise at the hands of his loved ones, Sloane's pardon being revoked, and, of course, Sydney's unfortunate new hairstyle.

Okay, so the hair thing might not be all that important to the overall plot of the episode, but we are supposed to be able to see the actress's face so we can interpret the emotions she's trying to convey and that's kind of hard to do when she's got all these bangs in her face! This is the end of this little rant and I promise never to go into such superficial details again if the show's hairstylist would just get Jennifer Garner to grow out her hair ASAP. Honestly, you'd think JJ Abrams would have learned something about this sort of thing after the whole Felicity hair debacle.

Anyway, moving on to more important details, most any fan would tell you that the Bristow family is one of TV's more dysfunctional families, but after watching this week's episode, I would think that the Reeds might be able to give them a run for their money in the most screwed up family competition. The Mod Squad's Peggy Lipton guest starred as Lauren's seemingly upstanding mother. Little did we know that this woman that runs literacy programs is actually working with the Covenant and is probably the one that got her daughter involved in the organization as well. Perhaps Senator Reed would have reconsidered spending time away from his family if he had known that it would lead to them putting a bullet in his head and then framing him for all his daughter's dirty little deeds. Unfortunately for him, hindsight is twenty-twenty.

Still, the framing of Senator Reed is interesting in terms of what his murder implies. Now fans must question how Mrs. Reed got involved in the Covenant in the first place, if her marriage to the Senator was a way of getting inside the government, and if she raised Lauren to follow in her evil footsteps. All these familial issues kind of make the Bristows look semi-normal in comparison.

Lauren's devious plan to set up daddy also brought Sloane down along with the good Senator. Even though he was helpful in tracking down the disks that would open the mysterious box that Sydney stole, the CIA still has enough "evidence" to revoke his pardon and issue him a sentence of death to be carried out in two weeks time.

All I can say is this: "Never gonna happen." Sloane's not going to be executed, but I am assuming that there will be some kind of race to prove his innocence towards the end of the season where his "indiscretion" with Irina might be revealed. This is all just guesswork on my part, but it should be fun to see how this all plays out, if Sydney or Jack will try to save Sloane in the end.

Everything in this episode was basically put into motion by Vaughn's decision to separate from Lauren. Sark told her that it was important for her to stay close to Vaughn, so killing her father and then making him out to be a traitor is the logical plan of action she should take to keep her man by her side. And, it worked by making Boy Scout feel extremely guilty for even thinking about leaving.

Of course, Vaughn had to go and get poor Syd's hopes up, making her think that they might get back together, then he dashed them away when he told her he's staying with his scheming wife, leaving Sydney to sob all alone in her apartment. Of course, she could have been crying over her hair… but more than likely it was over Vaughn.

The next all new Alias won't be on for another two weeks and then it will be shown at a later time due to ABC airing The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour. My advice? Use these two weeks wisely because I'm pretty sure Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's takeover of network TV is one of the first signs of the apocalypse.


Rebecca Sparling

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