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Search and Rescue
original air-date: 05-18-05

Wow. So Sloane’s bad, Irina’s alive, and Dixon is getting it on with Chase. All I have to say is, I told you so.

Ok, say that might be a little smug of me, but how predictable was this two-hour installment? If I had placed bets on the likelihood of all of these things happening I might not be in such desperate need of a real job so I can pay off those pesky college loans. Woulda, shoulda, coulda, eh?

If you’re going to claim that something’s an “event” then make it worth the time that we spend watching it. Instead of being exciting and enthralling, these two hours were extraordinarily dull and boring. Mr. Abrams has never backed down from shocking us all with unexpected twists and turns in the past, so one has to wonder why he was playing it so safe this week.

Could it be that he’s saving the real surprise for next week's season finale? It’s possible, but they should have spread these two episodes out in order to build up more tension for the big finish if that is the case. Of course, it’s possible that they ran out of time considering that the new season started in January this year.

Still, timing aside, this episode was meant to be big, but it ended up being a big let down. Sure, Irina is alive, but we all could have guessed that. Conveniently, Jack actually killed a double created by the Helix device that doubled Francie in season two. And while Lena Olin’s return is more than welcome, her interaction with Jack alone was worth sitting through the more tedious moments of the episode; bringing her back as a simple ratings ploy for sweeps and not as a full time character will just lead to disappointment later on.

The whole Sloane pretending to be good then going bad again was how we ended last season. Why on earth are we recycling it? The real surprise would have been if someone else had ended up being bad besides Sloane. But, of course, the Rambaldi stuff pulled him back in again and left us with a plot thread we’ve seen time and time again come back to the forefront once again.

And the apocalypse? That’s just old news on this show. I thought that it was time to get rid of the Rambaldi crap a long time ago, and this just strengthens my belief. It’s time to move on to a new plot, a new enemy and let it lie already.

The only remotely entertaining parts of the long two hours was when Vaughn asked Jack for his blessing to marry Syd and then tried to get her alone a bunch of times to pop the question without success. The actual proposal was kind of lame, but I guess there’s no better time to ask then right before jumping out of a plane, possibly to your death.

And, Irina punching Jack in the face got me to chuckle a bit as did her apology to her former husband for sleeping with Sloane.

My disappointment over this “event” is mostly rooted in the fact that we Alias fans have come to expect the unexpected while watching this show. The only thing that we got last night was exactly what we expected all along. There was nothing mind-lowing, nothing out of left field, nothing surprising, and that was a big let down, especially when the producers and writers had two whole hours to play around with.

Maybe next week will give fans something worth sitting through these two hours for, something more than we got this week.


Rebecca Sparling

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