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The Road Home
original air-date: 03-16-05

Be Kind. Rewind: Last time we found out that Jack and Sloane are working together on some secret project, which, of course, can only lead to bad things.

In “The Road Home” we are introduced to Sam, an American working as a busboy in an Austrian club while on a student visa. There’s nothing all that remarkable about Sam. He’s ordinary looking, seems nice enough, but there isn’t anything all that terribly interesting about him. The character of Sam is sort of a metaphor for this week’s entire episode. If you met Sam and someone asked you to give your opinion of him, you’d probably say something along the lines of “eh.” And, after watching the episode, my opinion of it can be described in much the same way; it leaves you with an “eh” sort of feeling.

The whole Sam storyline was kind of weak and seemed like an excuse to keep Sydney from finding out what her father was up to. Sam and his mundane existence, not to mention his desire for adventure, was basically meant to serve as a foil for Syd and her fast-paced life as a spy, but this move didn’t really give the viewers any new insights into Spy Girl other than that she doesn’t mind her job all that much, probably because all of her friends and family work with her.

Also, like the previous episode, this installment seems decidedly disjointed mainly because it seems like the subplot involving Vaughn was haphazardly thrown instead of being connected to the other storylines. This is not to say that they shouldn’t have included this information. The entire idea that Vaughn’s father might not have been as saintly as we originally thought is an interesting twist and one that will, no doubt, be connected to the show’s bigger picture in some way.

The problem right now is, that we can’t see where this fits right now and it gives us the feeling that this plot thread is sort of floating in the background while all of this other stuff is going on. Although it was worth throwing this part in just to hear Weiss remark, “No, the Sox winning the series, that’s impossible” to Vaughn saying that it’s not impossible that his father might be alive and kicking.

Obviously, Sasha was the man that had contracted the organization in Austria to take the device and fit it to the weapon, thus connecting Jack and Syd’s stories in this episode. The thing that is not so clear is this whole betrayal issue. What did Jack do? Who did he betray? Why is he contending that he was the one that was actually betrayed?

As usual, we aren’t offered any answers and we have to have faith that these questions will be answered at a later time. However, they aren’t interesting enough for us to be all that hungry for the next episode to arrive so we can find out what happened. I mean Jack is involved in some sort of betrayal…what else is new?

So instead of repeating my feeling about this being an “eh” kind of episode, I will say this in closing: "The Road Home" wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t a great one either. It was just kind of there. Like if I saw Sam in a bar, I probably wouldn’t notice him and if by chance I did, I might smile and nod, but I don’t think I would give him a second glance, just like I won’t give this episode another hour of my time when it repeats.

Rebecca Sparling

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