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original air-date: 10-26-03

Be Kind. Rewind: Jack informed Dixon that Sydney murdered Lazarey, it was revealed that Spy Girl's alias during her missing time was an assassin named Julia, and Sydney stabbed Vaughn to save him from being shot by Simon.

"Repercussions" picks up three hours after the previous episode's ending, leaving us all wondering will Vaughn live or die?

Well, anyone that can string together a sentence knows that there's no way they're going to kill off Boy Scout, so the suspense concerning that aspect of the episode is basically non-existent. The funny part about all this is the way that Lauren takes the news that her husband's ex-girlfriend was the one that inflicted the near fatal wound upon her beloved.

When Lauren discovers that Sydney was the one who stabbed Vaughn, deflating one of his lungs, she completely freaks out. Little Ms. NSC even threatens to have Spy Girl transferred to another field office, but all of this animosity seems to disappear during their attempt to rescue Sloane from Bomani and Sark's custody. Yes, Lauren's driving was freaking awesome and it was quite obvious that if Daddy gave her the chance she'd be a pretty good field agent, but all this doesn't bring us back to a point where Syd and Wifey should be all nice-nice to each other. Bonding over a kick ass car chase is not enough to make these two friendly towards one another.

Though Lauren should have eventually realized that Syd's intentions were to save Vaughn's life and apologize for being irrational, these two go from major fight and direct bluntness to polite acquaintances in a matter of a few scenes. All in all, the shift is pretty lame and unbelievable.

Vaughn's little dream sequence was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen on this show. I'm sure all the Syd/Vaughn shippers were swooning as they caressed, consoled, and kissed each other…then BAM! She stabs him again and says "How could you do this to me?" I don't know about anyone else, but it was just hysterical when he woke up with Lauren staring at him while he's like "Whoa, what just happened here?"

Unfortunately, we all know where this is leading. Vaughn is going to second guess his marriage to Lauren and wonder if he should really be with Sydney and the dreaded triangle will rear its ugly head yet again very soon. Fun.

Anyone else think that they killed off Simon way too soon? Not only was he a charismatic villain that was interesting and funny, he could have revealed more about Sydney's time spent as Julia. But for some reason, the writers felt that having Jack kill Simon while he talks about sleeping with Sydney would be an appropriate end to this character's stint on the show.

Personally, I would have liked to see Simon interact with Sydney some more after finding out her true identity. And, keeping on another bad guy, not that there's anything wrong with Sark, would have made the show even more interesting. But unless the writers decide to resurrect him (which they have done in the past), it looks like this is the last we'll see of Simon Walker.

Also, note to Jack: Glasses are not a sufficient disguise. Take a tip from your daughter's Spy Style next time and get a better costume.

And, what's the deal with Sloane being a double agent? Does this mean he's going to go on missions and stuff? Wear the latest in high fashion the way that Sydney does? I'm thinking the answer is no, but where this will lead and how it will effect Syd, Jack, and the rest should be intriguing. My guess? Sloane's still bad, but that assumption isn't that big of a leap in logic.

The usually loveable and goofy Marshall was just plain annoying in this episode and the scene where he tries to demonstrate his card counting abilities just seemed to go on forever. Even seeing Agent Flinkman out in the field again just wasn't as cool and funny as it was last season. Something was just missing from Kevin Weissman's delivery this week and it made what could have been some hysterical scenes into almost a chore to watch.

But the scenes with Marshall were not even half as bad as the end of the episode was. Lauren, Vaughn, Syd and Weiss all sitting in a hospital room together, sharing a couple of beers and some embarrassing stories while cheesy music plays in the background? Please. This seemed more like the end of a Dawson's Creek episode with all the warm fuzzies mixed together with Sydney's bangs of angst at seeing Mr. And Mrs. Vaughn together than the conclusion to an hour of Alias.

As far as episodes go, "Repercussions" had its pitfalls, but it was still fairly decent. As far as endings go, there's just no question. Worst ending ever. Period.

Rebecca Sparling

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