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original air-date: 12-07-03

Be Kind. Rewind: Lazarey's hand was discovered in the desert and analysis of it proved that Sydney didn't kill him. Lindsey requested that Sloane assassinate Ms. Bristow. A trip through Spy Girl's subconscious made us all wonder what was behind door 47.

Tis the season…for giving presents, of course. ABC decided to give viewers the gift of one more new episode of Alias before repeat hell sets in for the next four weeks.

Despite being wrapped in promises of big revelations and tied up in sparkly guest stars, watching this episode is kind of like opening a beautiful box only to find that it's filled with socks. Not that there's anything wrong with socks, they serve a purpose, but as far as gifts go, they leave something to be desired.

As long as we're making analogies, let's consider Bradley Cooper's brief return to the series the shiny ribbon gracing the outside of our present. If you ask this fan, the powers that be never should have gotten rid of Will in the first place, and after watching Remnants this feeling has only gotten stronger. Many argued that his straight-laced character had no place among the spies and assassins that populate this show, but I think that Cooper's everyman character is just what Alias is missing from time to time.

Unlike everyone else, Will never had a secret agenda. We knew what he was all about, and on a series where you're always second-guessing everyone's motives, it's kind of refreshing to see a character that doesn't have something to hide.

The scene where Will points a gun at Sydney, suspecting that she's a clone, was the only logical way to have these two friends meet again. If they had just hugged or said how are you, it would have been contrived, kind of like the make out scene between Will and Sydney was. Consider this, if you will, sock number one. These scenes could have been about two long lost friends sharing something meaningful, but ended up being about two lonely, drunk people indulging in each other.

Given the history that these two have shared and the feelings that Will had for Sydney for the first two seasons, their night together could have and should have been handled with more care and less alcohol.

Lazarey's appearance in this episode left us with even more questions, like why is he trying to protect Julia/Syd and what information does he have regarding the Rambaldi artifact that Spy Girl recovered from the hotel? Speaking of that box thing that contained human tissue supposedly belonging to Milo (You can almost hear Sloane saying "It's just what I've always wanted!"), the only explanation that I was able to come up with was that the devices that this mad scientist created were to be used to bring the owner of that tissue back to life in the 21st century. Far fetched? Perhaps, but strange things tend to pop up on this show.

Clones happen to be one of those strange things, and everyone's favorite genetically engineered double, Allison, was back in this episode. Unfortunately, for both viewers and Merrin Dungey, Allison was stabbed by Will and left for dead after a less than thrilling fight scene. Submitted for your approval, sock number two.

If the writers would like us to believe that Allison, a women that gave Spy Girl a run for her money every time they fought, was taken out by Will, then they don't have much faith in their viewers' intelligence. As much as that scene sucked, I'm willing to bet that this isn't the last we've seen of her, and that like the Energizer she keeps going and going, no matter how many times she gets shot or stabbed.

While Sloane's double cross assassination of Lindsey was mildly satisfying, it was not at all unexpected and just confirmed what we already knew: Sloane is up to something.

Jack's request that Vaughn push Sydney away because his kindness is too painful for her is what I like to call sock number three. While it may seem that Jack has his daughter's best interests in mind, he has to know that it's not possible for Vaughn to do this because they work together and because he still loves Sydney in one way or another. This will only lead to Vaughn pushing her away, Sydney questioning why he is doing so, and then eventually learning that Spy Daddy's request is the cause of all this mess. The hurt-the-one-you-love scenario is clichéd and often used by far less intelligent shows that Alias.

Sock number four, making a complete two pairs, is the lame ending we were left with. Sure, perhaps we will see Will pop up in a sweeps episode sometime this spring, but everything else went back to normal, or normal for this show anyway. While there were a few bright spots, including Mr. Cooper's return and Lauren's absence, overall the episode was a disappointment.

But, hey, it's the thought that counts?


Rebecca Sparling

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