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original air-date: 04-13-05

Be Kind. Rewind: Vaughn went rogue to find out what happened to his father.

He’s back. Just when you thought that Rambaldi was out of the picture, he decides to rear his ugly, and confusing, head once again. And, of course, because everything in J.J Abrams world is interconnected, a certain instruction manual ties Vaughn’s search for his father, the death of Syd’s mom and Sloane all together.

As the episode’s title indicates, Boy Scout’s journey has opened a whole new box of worms, unleashing even more chaos and confusion upon our beloved group of spies. He received some pictures of a man that looks like his father, bolstering hopes that he might actually be alive, but after helping a group of arms dealers try to get their hands on the Rambaldi papers he’s told that his father’s dead and that he’s been set up the entire time by cryptic informant guy’s employer, Sloane.

After visiting with her aunt Katya, Syd learns that her mother might have been framed and never really took out a contract on her daughter’s life after all. As Spy Girl follows a series of clues, she’s lead to the bank account of the person that paid the assassin to kill her. That account belong to, of course, one A. Sloane.

But, as Sloane told Nadia in the episode, not everything is black and white. At the end of the episode, we see a man impersonating Sloane sitting behind a desk, upset that his team didn’t retrieve the Rambaldi artifact.

So, the question is, which Sloane is to blame, the real one, the fake one, or possibly both? Also, how is it that someone could steal someone as prominent as Sloane’s identity? Before becoming the head of the APO, he was the leader of a major international charity organization that received a lot of publicity. It seems unlikely that it would be easy for someone to pretend that he’s Arvin, even if Sloane has gone underground to work for APO.

And, the mystery behind pseudo-Sloane isn’t the only nagging question we’re left pondering at the conclusion of this episode. Whether or not Vaughn’s dad is really dead, even though it seems that it’s been a set up, is still questionable. Katya Derevko’s presence leads us to wonder if she has information on where her sister is, someone that Jack and Sloane have been searching for. Poor Jack’s health is also questionable, but more in the sense of is he really sick or is this part of yet another hoax.

Because all of these things sort of converge in one episode, “Pandora” leaves the viewer with a jumbled feeling that even though some answers were discovered, a whole lot more remains unexplained. I suppose that that’s what they were going for, given the title and all, but it still makes for an unsatisfying hour of television watching.

The only part that was truly fun was when Vaughn blew off the former CIA wanna-be blonde by telling her that she should consider his dismissal of her advances as “the second time she’s been rejected by the CIA.”

Ha. Funny Vaughn.

Rebecca Sparling

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