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original air-date: 05-02-04

Be Kind. Rewind: Sark and Lauren tortured Vaughn, Vaughn’s dad was a follower of Rambaldi, and Sloane took Syd’s sister and started drugging her so that she’d deliver Rambadli’s ultimate message.

If "Legacy" taught me one thing, it’s this: be careful what you wish for. For the last few weeks, I’ve been complaining that Vaughn needs to let some of his anger regarding the whole Lauren situation out there in the open. Well, thank the TV gods, he finally did. But, one has to wonder if this little wish of mine came with a price, such as overall quality of the other parts of the episode.

Don’t get me wrong; overall I liked this episode. However, there were certain aspects of it that really didn’t work and basically just made me cringe… namely the whole Jack and Katya thing, but we’ll get to that later.

First of all, Vaughn finally letting out some of that frustration was a fairly good thing. His bitching that the CIA wasn’t doing enough at the beginning of the episode was annoying, but it eventually got better. Vaughn teeters between letting the CIA handle the capture of Lauren through the proper channels and taking matters into his own hands.

This is expected; Vaughn is a good guy after all and he is bound to have some moral reservations about simply trying to exact his own revenge. The instances where he and Sydney have their little chats about what’s going on are pretty bland. Vaughn says that his anger scares him, but what he really needs to do is tell Sydney that after everything he’s been through he deserves to be a little pissed off.

Besides, it’s not like Spy Girl hasn’t been there. Of all people, she should understand the desire to get back at someone and lay off on the whole “doing what’s right” thing a bit. Besides, Mr. Sit and Spin scientist had that whole acid getting poured on him deal coming to him and seeing Vaughn, someone who this guy hadn’t even done anything to, be the one pouring it all over him was extremely satisfying because it just proves that Vaughn has finally lost it, the way he should have weeks ago.

But if we really want to talk about someone who truly understands what Vaughn is going through, then let’s talk about Jack. Realizing that Vaughn’s rage is so much more powerful than anyone else can comprehend, Jack gives Vaughn the key to his storage facility where all his toys of revenge and destruction are kept so he can “get some closure.” Jack gets it, even if Vaughn doesn’t at first and it is so very great to see an extremely pissed off Boy Scout in the hanger holding a rifle at the end of the episode. Next time he sees Lauren, he’ll be prepared.

Learning some more about Nadia was satisfying. So far, it seems that she is simply an innocent victim of circumstances beyond her control, but on this show, we all know that that can change rather quickly. Whether or not she is bound to fight and kill Sydney, like Vaughn said in the last episode remains to be seen. But, it sure is interesting that this little tidbit that seemed so important in the last episode wasn’t even mentioned this week.

Whatever this message of Rambaldi’s is, it’s important enough for almost everyone to be involved with it in some way or another. However, Sloane wasn’t willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, possibly killing his daughter, to learn this precious secret. The writers are always doing this with Sloane, throwing in something endearing like this about his character to make us not hate him so much, but it really doesn’t track and he’ll most likely do something in the season finale that will reaffirm viewers’ belief that he’s a bastard. It’s happened too many times before for me to think otherwise and though the writers do it to try to show us that no character is ever truly good or evil, this ping-pong with Sloane’s nature is just a little less than believable at times.

Now Jack, there is a guy whose emotions are believable. We know that he’s a son of a bitch, but we also know that the same passion that fuels his anger also makes him fiercely protective of the things that he cares about, such as Sydney. This might make Jack seem predictable in some respects, but really you never know what he’s going to do, like mack it with his ex-wife’s sister.

This part of the plot made me wish, more than ever before, that Lena Olin were still around. Olin and Garber had chemistry, something that cannot be said when he’s acting with Rossellini. The relationship between the two of them is odd to begin with, considering she works for the Russians and is Sydney’s aunt, and for the life of me I can’t understand why the writers felt the need to put in the lines, “I find you sexy, Jack. Deal with it.” It was just bad writing and a terrible attempt at seduction on the part of Rossellini.

One would think that after a disaster like that, Jack would stay as far away from her as possible. Yet, at the end of the episode he’s at her door kissing her. To borrow a line from Jennifer Garner’s new movie 13 Going On 30, all I can say about that is “Ew, gross.” Hopefully, Jack is using her in some way, because this whole thing is painful to watch and a needless plot point if it doesn’t led to something.

Besides that whole terribly frightening aspect, "Legacy" was a good episode that leads up to what looks to be an interesting end to the season. Now, all we have to do is wait a whole three weeks for the finale.

Why are you punishing us ABC? Why?

Rebecca Sparling

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