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original air-date: 01-19-05

Be Kind. Rewind: Nadia is staying with Syd, Weiss joined the gang at APO, and Jack lied to Nadia about who killed Irina.

When reviewing a TV show there are a few things that one has to keep in mind. Basic plot details of this week’s episode are always good things to throw in, some character development that occurred and any special effects that just looked kick ass are also points that you might want to remember while writing. But, as anyone who reads reviews knows, there is one key thing all of us reviewers look for and that’s the screw-ups.

What went wrong, what didn’t make sense, and what we just didn’t like are the things that we will make blatantly obvious to our readers because…well, we’re critics and we’re supposed to criticize. That’s not to say that we don’t give praise when it is due. Letting everyone know that there was just an hour of TV on that didn’t suck is one of my few joys in life. However, sometimes there is a certain feeling of euphoria that one gets when something on the show just annoys the hell out of you and you get to bitch and complain about it to a bunch of people.

Sadly, there isn’t much to complain about where Alias is concerned these days. The episodes, while being mainly self-contained, have been fast-paced yet surprisingly easy to follow and just plain fun to watch.

I mean, we got to see a guy break into a million pieces because of a wacky bio-chemical! There wasn’t a special effect as cool as that in the entire 120 minutes of Elektra (at least it felt like 120 minutes), and we got to see this in the comfort of our own living rooms.

Besides that, the plot of the story worked well, the character elements that we have been dealing with currently (like Weiss’s crush on Nadia and Vaughn’s guilt over Lauren) fit in nicely, and we learned that there might be another crazy member of the Bristow/Derevko/whatever family lurking somewhere out there.

I could make the comment that Vaughn seems like he’s being a little bit of a pansy about this whole Lauren thing, and that he should be a man and just get over it already, but then my less cynical side tells me that the writers are probably trying to give the show a shot of realism by making BoyScout all conflicted, so I give my cynical side a smack and it shuts up.

Overall, "Ice," like last week’s episode, was just what Alias has been missing since the middle of season two. It was exciting, had an interesting storyline and was just basically well done. I mean, who didn’t like seeing Marshall flirting with Nadia only to be shot down when Weiss mouths “You’re married”? It was classic.

So, after some careful consideration, I’m thinking that maybe I should start complaining that the show doesn’t suck enough…that I miss being confused by Rambaldi nonsense and long for the days of convoluted storylines because they gave me something to talk about, damn it!

But, then I reconsider and figure that I should just be grateful that Melissa George isn’t on the show anymore…

Rebecca Sparling

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