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original air-date: 04-18-04

Be Kind. Rewind: Vaughn finally found out that Lauren is a baddie. 'Nuff said.

Here I was thinking that finals week, with its 8 am tests and piles of papers that you put off until the absolute last second, was stressful. But, after watching this week's episode I figure that pretending to be happily married to a woman that could kill you quicker than you can scream for help or possibly being executed when you know you're innocent and there's evidence to exonerate you might be a tad bit more nerve-wracking. Then again, these guys probably never had nuns for teachers…

"Hourglass" is a good episode, but more than anything it's a transition show. It's kind of like that last quiz your teacher gives you before your final exam; it's meant to prepare you for what's coming next. This episode is setting us up for what's going to happen in the last three episodes of this season, but it also tied up some loose ends that we've been wondering about since last season.

We all knew that Sloane wasn't transforming himself into a good guy just because some Rambaldi device told him to be peaceful. Now we know that his alternative motive was to find the daughter that resulted from the affair that he had all those years ago with Irina.

In a lame scene unworthy of guest star David Carradine, the monk that helped Sloane discover that the child was his got shot and killed by Sark. Pretty boy couldn't take him on his own, so he had to go and use a shotgun to off him, a completely unjust ending to such a character if you ask me. But, with his final words he managed to tell Syd that she has a sis somewhere and that she is the mysterious Passenger.

Though we're not really sure whether Spy Girl's sister is good or bad, Jack kind of summed it all up for us in a single line last night. Sydney told her father that it's possible that her half-sister might just be an innocent victim that needs protection, to which he replied, "With Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane as her parents? I don't think so."

So, I'm willing to bet that not only is she evil, but that she might be the woman that Rambaldi mentioned in his prophecy, you know the one about some chick that will bring about utter destruction? Yeah, looks like Spy Sis just might be one of the baddest baddies yet…

And you thought that the Bristow family couldn't possibly get anymore screwed up, didn't you?

Speaking of the Bristows, I must, yet again mentioned how much Spy Daddy rocks. Not only did he pull off this neat little Juliet-esque death trick that made everyone think that Sloane's execution was a success, but also he was a complete bastard about it the entire time, which I find absolutely hysterical. I have a sick sense of humor, ok?

But this is what makes Jack, and of course, Victor Garber, great. He's not above telling Sloane that if he finds his daughter that he will make what Sloane did to Sydney look like a trip to the Bahamas or explaining that the only reason he let him live is because he needs his former friend's help. Unlike Syd, who unrealistically tries to find the good in everyone, Jack knows that most people are out to get you in this world of high stakes espionage and he doesn't make any excuses for doing what he feels he needs to stay ahead in the game.

Vaughn should definitely take some tips from his former flame's father. Though he did an okay job at pretending that everything was just fine and dandy with wifey, his reactions aren't emotional enough, they aren't real enough. This girl completely screwed him over! Let's see some anger, man, not some lousy aside to Sydney about wanting a normal life! Rage, Vaughn, rage!

Of course he can't do it in front of Lauren, but he could have said something to someone else to show his contempt for the situation. At least that would be more believable than this passive aggressive act he pulled in this episode.

But, hopefully, this episode is preparing us for a good face off between the once winsome twosome in the coming weeks since Lauren now knows that Vaughn knows. If I survive the next few weeks of classes, you can be sure that I'll be back with something to say... because, you know, that's unusual for me.

Rebecca Sparling

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