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Full Disclosure
original air-date: 01-11-04

Be Kind. Rewind: Syd slept with Will, Will "killed" Allison, Jack asked Vaughn to push Sydney away, and Lauren was nowhere to be found.

"Full Disclosure" was supposed to give Alias fans what we have been waiting for since last year's season finale: the truth about what happened to Sydney during her two-year absence. However, the truth itself and the way that it was revealed ended up being less than thrilling.

The writers and producers of this show have expected fans to remember complicated plot points involving strange prophecies and weird science since the very beginning of the series. This show has more twists and turns than a roller coaster, and yet fans have been expected to remember every detail week to week. So why they decided that it was now necessary to include several flashback scenes designed to "jog" our memories concerning past events is a mystery to this faithful viewer.

One could argue that since most of the episode was set in the past, the flashbacks fit in well and helped the viewer remember certain key plot lines. But the cynic in me tends to think that these flashbacks were thrown in because the script was weak, rather than the writers and producers having a sudden desire to make sure the viewers can keep track of what's going on. After weeks of repeats, fans wanted to see a new episode, not a new episode with tons of old footage thrown in because the writers couldn't think of any intelligent subplots.

This is most certainly not the only disappointing aspect of this episode. Alias is known for its big reveals, shocking plot twists that no one ever sees coming and that is what this episode should have been. It should have been a shocker. It should have totally blown our minds and made us say, "Wait. What the hell just happened?"

Instead, what we got was the easily guessed. For months, fans online have been throwing around ideas about what that scar on Sydney's stomach could possibly be. The reigning theory was that the scar was from a C-section, and that Sydney had had a little bundle of joy during her two-year absence. While that was not entirely the case (her eggs were just extracted to help fulfill the Rambaldi prophecy), the fans' idea was pretty damn close to being right on the nose. And call it what you will but I'm willing to bet that though Syd blowtorched the lab, this isn't the last we've seen of this "what if SpyGirl and the fifteenth century science guy mated" plotline. I'm sure it'll be back to rear its ugly head during sweeps.

The fact that Sydney was immune to the Covenant's brainwashing techniques and then had her memory removed so they couldn't use her to get to the cube isn't all that surprising either.

Having Kendall be the one that was involved with Sydney the entire time is slightly interesting, but since Dixon also knew the truth the entire time, it seems likely that Kendall will soon fade back into the woodwork.

And, finally, there's Lauren. Apparently, she isn't what she seems, but when is anyone on this show? We all knew that there had to be more to her than just the pretty wife or the higher up that got her job because of nepotism. Of course, she's a baddie, thus complicating the Syd/Vaughn/Wifey triangle even further and giving disgruntled SpyGirl/BoyScout fans another reason to hate her.

The truth is, this episode wasn't nearly as good as it could have, or should have been. This episode was supposed to be one of those major episodes in this series history that fans remember as "the one where we learned what happened to Sydney," and all it ended up being was a substandard mess. It wasn't the shocking, jarring reveal it should have been and with this disappointing episode, Alias has started the New Year on a decidedly low note.

Rebecca Sparling

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