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original air-date: 02-16-05

Be Kind. Rewind: Some guy bit Syd and infected her with this chemical that made her go all bizarro on everyone.

Well, nothing gets viewers’ attention like a sexy sister act, and "Détente" was a chance for Syd and Nadia to show off their skills. By pretending to be a pair of party happy socialites, the Spy sisters were able to steal information from the owner of a new explosive called Black Thorine while he was sitting in the room with them. Not only was this amusing for the viewers to watch, but it clearly got Weiss and Vaughn all hot under the collar as well.

Nadia and Sydney work well together and they seem to be having a good time being partnered together on missions. Of course, this relationship, like any relationship on Alias, has its problems. Nadia wants to get to know Papa Sloane and Sister Syd, but it’s sort of difficult when the two clearly have unresolved issues from the past. Spy Girl isn’t about to forgive her boss from murdering her best friend and her fiancé, and Sloane is frustrated by Syd’s blatant disregard of his authority. So, this leaves poor Nadia stuck in the middle of a complicated family feud.

So far, she seems to be dealing with things well, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, but how long can that really last? Spy Sis seems to have the patience of a saint, but knowing this show, it won’t be long before Nadia gets pissed off at someone, and won’t that be fun to watch?

It seems that Syd and Sloane are making an effort to work together. Syd refused a transfer out of APO, and Sloane seemed happy when she followed his orders. It’s possible that there was even a look of regret on Arvin’s face when Sydney was explaining how no one who betrays Sloane is safe. Could it be possible that the former evil mastermind is really trying to make amends for his past? I wouldn’t bet on it, but watching Ron Rifkin play the tormented Sloane is always a pleasure to watch.

"Détente" was fun, but it seems like it was lacking something, some kind of punch that would have made it more entertaining. Sure, Syd and Nadia’s blossoming relationship is intriguing and seeing where it goes from here, especially with Jack’s secret looming in the background, should be worth it. Also, Spy Sis’s flirtation with Weiss is probably one of the cutest things to be shone on network TV in a long time. When he says lines like “Your smile is so unbelievable”, as a viewer to makes you want to go “Awww” and puke all at the same time.

Hopefully, these two crazy kids can keep up the cuteness without having anything go wrong. But when people hook up on this show some terrible tragedy usually occurs to cause a rift between the two or one of them is usually killed off and returns as an evil clone.

Regardless, this wasn’t a bad installment and it was mostly better than the “vampire” episode that I was fortunate to miss last week due to being very far from my beloved TV. I just think that there could have been something more, maybe some amazing stunt or plot twist that would have made it better. However, we take what we can get in TV Land, and I’ll take any episode of Alias over most of the other crap that gets aired these days.

Rebecca Sparling

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