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Another Mister Sloane
original air-date: 04-20-05
Be Kind. Rewind: A “Mister Sloane” seemed to be behind the hoax involving the resurfacing of Vaughn’s dad as well as the assassination attempt on Sydney.

Are two Sloanes better than one? That question remains unanswered (what else is new?), but the two sure make an interesting pair. Of course, being Arvin Sloane does seem like it would have its advantages. If you want everyone to fear you and respect you, your name alone would be enough to make most criminals shake in their boots. But why would someone go to such extremes, copy everything about him down to the last detail in order to impersonate Sloane?

The Sloane Clone, as Sydney referred to him, doesn’t really look like Arvin, but as the characters pointed out, there is a certain air that he has, that makes them almost identical I terms of mannerisms. I think that credit for this has to go to guest star Joel Grey. He has captured every look, every expression that Ron Rifkin has imbued Sloane with and made the two of them remarkably similar.

Of course, the motives behind this impersonation are still unclear. It may be that this other Arvin is trying to do what the real Sloane never could: bring Rambaldi’s vision to life. Still, why would he get Vaughn involved now? Why risk getting caught when he seems so close to making some real breakthroughs? He must have known that involving Vaughn would eventually lead to APO finding out about him. Perhaps, it is all an elaborate plan to get Sloane back on the Rambaldi track so that he can destroy Sloane forever and take his place!

Okay, so that might be a bigger conspiracy than the one that actually exists, but with this show, nothing is all that far-fetched and should be considered as an option.

Everyone else was kind of floating in the background of this episode, except for Nadia who saw the bloodied body of Clone Sloane’s right hand man lying on the floor with her father standing over it. It seems that Sloane promised his darling daughter that he would give up on Rambaldi for her, but now that he’s involved in the mission to save his “good name” it could mean trouble for their already rocky relationship.

The madness that Nadia recalled seeing in her father’s eyes a year ago was present last night when he told the impostor’s employee that the promises of ever-lasting life through the following of Rambaldi would never be fulfilled, that all of the work would be for nothing because they are all unworthy.

Creepy much? Speaking of creepy, Sloane was a little scary when he looked at Sydney and told her that it was nice that the two of them were side by side in the field after all these years of working together.

Sometimes he seems to like Syd a little too much for my taste and reminds me of a dirty old man, but it’s also funny, especially when Jack said that Spy Girl should tag along with Arvin to keep him safe and Sloane said, “I was just going to suggest that.”

The pace of the episode was a little slow, but it did leave us with some interesting questions to ponder for a week while we wait for a new episode. But, then again, doesn’t Alias always do that?

Rebecca Sparling

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