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A Man of His Word
original air-date: 03-02-05
Be Kind. Rewind: Anna has her hands on a chemical bomb and is giving it to CRF. Nadia got shot after possibly finding out what they were going to do with it. And Sark is back and supposedly helping the CIA track down Ms. Espinosa.

Okay, I know that there’s a plot in this episode, and it was a fairly good one, but I just have to say that this was one messed installment.

First of all, you’ve got Sark and his demands that must be met in order for him to lead APO to CRF. It’s bad enough that he wanted to go see Lauren’s body, but to have Vaughn tag along and be forced to look at his dead wife while Sark talks about how much he loved her? That was just wrong. I mean, it was fun to watch, any time Vaughn and Sark mess with each other it’s fun to watch, but it was still wrong.

Also, why is Lauren looking like she died yesterday? She has to have been dead for months now and she looks just as pretty as a picture, minus the bullet holes that Sark just had to reach out and touch…to quote Summer from The O.C., “EW!”

But, seriously, has Lauren gone the way of Ted Williams? Is the government preserving her body for some weird reason? There are no answers given, but it seems odd that they would get Melissa George to come back for a two second shot that they could have easily glossed over with some clever lighting and camera work. This leads me to believe that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Lauren, or her body as it may be, and that she may be resurrected in some form or another, especially when May sweeps roll around. Because, as we all know, nobody ever seems to REALLY die on this show.

You’d think that the whole watching Sark caress a dead body thing would be enough nastiness for one episode, but it didn’t end there. Even though Sark said that he usually met this San’ko guy alone, he convinces Spy Girl to pose as Ms. Reed when they meet with this man whom they hope can give them the location of Anna and the chemical bomb that she stole. Meanwhile, poor Vaughn had to watch his girlfriend dress up as his murderous wife and help her with the accent. Sheesh! Boy Scout never gets a break in this episode.

At the club, we learn that San’ko, of course, wants something in return for his cooperation and he tells Syd and Sark that he likes to watch. After Vaughn tells her over the wire that she has permission to kill this guy, Syd pretends to kiss Sark and really just bites him. Ha! Which just seems to turn San’ko on…EW! That was as far as it went thanks to Anna shooting San’ko in the head and then escaping with Sark.

Fortunately, a lot the freaky stuff ends here, except for Jack waking Nadia from her coma early to find out who Anna’s selling the bomb to, but such behavior is not all that uncommon for Spy Daddy and he rationalizes it all pretty well.

Anna and Julian strike up a brief partnership after she informs him that CRF is a weak organization, and it ends when he allows her to get caught by Spy Girl while escaping. This seems to undermine his whole “I’m a man of my word” motto that he mentions a million times during the episode. I mean he may have helped Syd get Ms. Espinosa into custody, but I’m sure Anna wouldn’t vouch for his good word from behind bars. What Sark is up to next is anybody’s guess, but his newfound freedom allows the writers to play with the character and, hopefully, bring him back more often now.

Besides a few brief mentions by Sloane about his faith, all the Rambaldi stuff is pushed to the back burner in this episode. It’s not that I mind it all that much. I didn’t feel that it really fit in last week’s episode anyway, but it seems odd to just let it just float around in the background when it seemed so prominent in Echoes. They may pick it up again next week, or they might not. Like I mentioned before, it seems like they only use Rambaldi when it’s convenient, and that is a little disappointing when the rest of the show is usually so good. But if they manage to tie it all up later, like J.J. Abrams does so often, I may find myself eating these words in a few weeks’ time.

A Man of His Word, despite being extra freaky with all the Lauren/Sark stuff, was a fun episode to watch. Being grossed out by stuff like that can be very entertaining, even if it causes you to wonder what kind of drugs the writers are taking. But, if the episode has been completely revolting or uninteresting, I wouldn’t have had anything to write about…except how bad it was.

In closing, I have just one request to the producers: No more Russian dudes that like to watch…“EW!”

Rebecca Sparling

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