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A Clean Connection
original air-date: 04-27-05

Be Kind. Rewind: The other Mr. Sloane escaped after the real Sloane slayed his right hand man.

What happened to the other Mr. Sloane anyway? Apparently he was just dropped after last episode, but he will probably resurface sometime soon if I know anything about this show…then again my theories about what might happen are often proven wrong so maybe I should just retract that comment.

But, as this episode begins, the woman that raised Nadia in the orphanage, Sophia, returns, supposedly beaten by people looking for her former ward. Even though she seems to be in trouble and came to Nadia looking for help, Sloane doesn’t trust her and runs a check on her fingerprints. He finds that she murdered a man that was trying to abuse Nadia, but that the police never suspected her so she got away. When he confronts her, he finds that their mutual love of Nadia prevents him from turning her over to authorities.

Of course, by the end of the episode we find out that Sophia is the woman that he and Jack have been searching for, Nadia and Sydney’s aunt, Elena Derevko. She’s been watching the sisters for over a decade according to Sloane and Jack, and now, after giving Nadia her necklace, she has audio surveillance of them as well.

What could Elena be plotting and is it possible that this means that Irina might return before the season is out? While this is an interesting question to sit around and ponder if you have the free time, it’s all speculation and whether or not Irina comes back there seem to be more pressing matters that our gang of spies has to deal with at the moment.

For instance, Jack’s radiation poisoning is getting worse by the day (did we really need the scene of him digging into his palm with a letter opener? Yuck.) and is causing him to experience memory loss. Michael McKean makes an appearance as Jack’s physician who implanted him with some sort of pill shaped device to help him in his treatment, only Jack has no memory of this.

Of course, Jack tells him that this is unacceptable and he needs to be alert to perform his job, but his doctor sort of counters by telling him that they both know where this is heading and that he needs to tell Sydney about his illness. Jack refuses in an effort to protect his daughter, but is it possible to argue that there might be something else going on here? Is the good doctor in on some plan to mess with Jack’s mind or is this really a side effect of his illness? I would argue for the evil plan theory because I’m paranoid like that, but it could be as simple as that for once on this show. Right?

Besides these big plot points, in an effort to thwart the plans of a terrorist cell, Dixon takes down another agent and goes deep undercover. Vaughn is tailing them and as the episode ends the two are still on the mission.

Since I seem particularly paranoid today, I would argue that this is all gonna be connected in some weird Seinfield-esque way that we won’t understand until the season finale. Nothing on this show can be simple, so maybe the other Mr. Sloane, Sophia/Elena, and everything else are parts of a bigger picture. Or that could just be the ramblings of a woman that is currently sleep deprived and has been watching too much TV.

Eh, who knows?

Rebecca Sparling

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