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Aeon Flux

Paramount Pictures respectfully declined to screen Aeon Flux for critics ahead of time. In case you didn't know, this pretty much means that they had no hope, no hope at all, that any reviewer would find anything kind to say.

Well, let us buck that trend and say that it was kind of Paramount to let us keep that two hours of our lives to spend on better things.

So Aeon Flux sux. These things happen. I've heard the videogame is good, and the original MTV animated series was, well...

Is anybody actually surprised by this? Anybody?

It's the Oscar curse. Just as Halle Berry had to make Catwoman after her award, so Charlize Theron had to make this.

Let's open it up to you this week. If you went to see Aeon Flux, send in your rating. Let us know what in heaven's name possessed you to pay money for this film so bad Paramount wouldn't let us see it for free.

Better yet, tell us what you did with the two hours you didn't waste seeing it.


Derek McCaw

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