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Marvel Movie Rights: Who Owns What?

Today a friend posted this infographic on Facebook, and I had to track down the original creators, who turned out to be Maurice and Nigel Mitchell, two brothers who call themselves "The Geek Twins." (Oh, how I wish their last name had turned out to actually be "Geek.")

As of February 2014, this seems about right, though I'm actually not sure about Blade and Ghost Rider -- I thought Ghost Rider was still in Sony's stable, but somehow I feel better if it's not. Lionsgate still has Man-Thing? Their first attempt is not a film for watching; it's a film for lying down and avoiding.

As for Universal -- either pull the trigger and go ahead and transform the Waterworld Stunt Show into the Namor stunt show, or let Marvel have him back!

Anyway, thank you, Maurice and Nigel. You guys do great work and I look forward to envying your work again.


Derek McCaw


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