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Sky High

Really, Disney’s Sky High has not much more than the trailer reveals. In fact, the trailer sort of outshines the actual film in many ways because it tightly conveys everything the final product eventually gets around to doing without the padded runtime to drag it down.

Yet Sky High weighs in at a meager hour and forty-two minutes. So why all the fuss? Once again, Disney seems to have undervalued its concept by chalking up the movie as being nothing more than a second tier children’s film. It actually could have walked the line, appealing to both children and adults at once.

Isn’t this what the whole big studio game is about anyway, grabbing the largest audience and by default biggest box office you possibly can?

Well, writers Paul Hernandez, Bob Schooley, and Mark McCorkle drummed up a concept that could have easily entertained both sides of the age spectrum, yet the whole thing ends up bobbled in the end.

Wait, a borderline brilliant concept that could successfully cash in on the superhero craze without risking being labeled a retread gets botched in the process? Expect nothing else from the House of M.

That’s “Mouse,” people, but take the inflection any way you see fit.

We don’t expect greatness from a film like this, but it would be nice to walk in and find something other than what has already been revealed. Sure, it’s a coming of age story, nothing new here. Yes, it juggles superhero powers with puberty effectively without encroaching on Spidey’s territory. The problem is that if you’ve seen the trailer, you know the big hooks that occur in the later acts, which means you sit in a holding pattern until those beats play out.

What’s the fun in that?

The fun comes from watching an actor (and Disney vet) immerse himself so deeply into the mythology that it pretty much trumps the miscues and bobbles along the way. Say what you will about this film, Kurt Russell gets Steve Stronghold, a.k.a. The Commander.

He plays him jocular, with a touch of arrogance and pride. The dynamic between Steve and his son Will (Michael Angarano) is perfect at times, and had Will’s eventual powers not been spoiled, the jokes would have played all the better in the process.

Even Kelly Preston plays it up admirably as Steve’s wife and crimefighting partner, Josie, a.k.a. Jetstream. The two often appear to be lost on their own planet, orbiting Earth while completely oblivious to the goings on around them.

Will is your average teenager, dealing with your average teenage plights only amped up to superhero levels, which again feels tired when you know the resolution is right around the corner.

There are little nuggets sprinkled in here and there that tell of what could have been, or more aptly, what should have been. These little treats come in the form of cameos, and the first of which is so good that…well, just check it out.

After a lackluster introduction, Bruce Campbell resuscitates this vehicle before it runs itself off a cliff. Leave it to Ash to save the day. Campbell sets the perfect tone to kick off the big message of the film as Coach Boomer. You may know him as The Sonic Boom, or maybe not.

Coach Boomer is the deciding factor between “hero” and “sidekick” for incoming freshman, and he plays his part in classic Campbell arrogance. The one-liners and brutal jabs in this sequence are worth the price of rental alone.

Sky High could have played just as well as a feature length Kids in the Hall skit. In fact, if studios were not so put off by the Kids (see Brain Candy), this project could have easily been worked with and ironed into something special. Ex-kids Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald both appear in the film as Mr. Boy and Mr. Medulla, two teachers who could have easily leapt from any Kids in the Hall episode directly into Sky High.

The setup of these gags is priceless, and the chemistry between McDonald and Foley is so spot on that the urge to get a Kids fix could prove overwhelming. In fact, had it not been for Foley’s self-deprecating humor the entire sidekick subplot might have died on the vine.

At the end of the day, Sky High disappoints enough to feel squandered, but entertains enough to recommend. It’s an unhappy medium, but the kids will eat this one up. Just try to stay awake for the good stuff.


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