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The Incredible Teasers

As if fanboys needed further reason to flock into the cinemas this week in support of Pixar’s superhero opus The Incredibles, they now have two more to add to the list.

Star Wars Episode III:
Revenge of the Sith

First up is the teaser trailer for the third installment of Lucas’ prequel trilogy entitled Revenge of the Sith, despite the risk of stoking the ire of Star Wars fanatics sprawling the internet. Apparently the concept of a “teaser” is completely lost on Lucas and company because this effort hardly teases so much as it confuses.

Sure, there are scenes that look fantastic, but they are cut together so frenetically that it would seem that the team behind the trailer decided to ditch the “less is more” in favor of a “throw everything at them and confuse the hell out of them” strategy.

Not only is it the sloppiest trailer cut in recent history, it does nothing to peak interest in this third installment. It would seem that Lucas is catering specifically to the folks out there who salivate anxiously for these teasers, then freeze every frame and analyze the contents to death months before the film ever hits the theaters.

Admittedly, freeze frame analysis is a fun hobby, but it’s best when you can unearth treats from an already cogent trailer. Compiling information from a confusing onslaught of jarring sequences does little to entice, and it makes for a crappy trailer.

We all know that ROTS will mark the return of Darth Vader, so how hard would it actually be to knock one out of the park here? They needed to produce a trailer that successfully makes us sit up in our seats, take note, and anxiously await his return, but apparently it’s tougher than one might think.


Pixar's Cars

Just thought it would be fun to throw this in. Everyone knows that part of the joy in seeing a new Pixar flick is that we are usually treated to a snazzy new Pixar short. It’s become their trademark (well, that and quality films) and this year’s “Boundin’” is yet another in a long line of laugh inducing comedy.

Audiences will be treated to another morsel with The Incredibles, and that comes in the form of a sneak peak at Pixar CEO John Lasseter’s pet project, Cars. It won’t be out until this time next year, but let me tell you, doubts about this project are completely null and void.

It’s an intriguing mixture of cartoon imagery with the usual stunning CG that Pixar is well known for. It’s easy to place faith in Pixar after they’ve delivered hit after hit for so many years. It wasn’t long ago that an ugly suggestion surfaced that a bomb was in sight for the Emeryville-based company.

Of course, this was all pre-Nemo and that tune certainly changed quickly. The problem is, this discussion leapfrogged over The Incredibles and wound up smack dab on Lasseter’s lap. That’s right, Cars was to be the big question mark looming over their heads, and although not much is known about the plot this teaser is more than enough to quell the rumors.

Mario Anima

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