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Sergio Aragones Takes On Maggie Simpson
An Interview with an Iconic Artist Who Just Landed a Dream Job

Fastest cartoonist in the West.
Check him out at Comic-Con!
At Super-Con this year, we interviewed one of the best living cartoonists, Sergio Aragones, talking about upcoming Groo projects and, of course, a bit about his past. An incredibly gracious man, Sergio Aragones is equally at ease with fawning fans, simpering Fanboys (us) and small children who just find his work and his attitude appealing. It was an absolute pleasure talking to him.

Then we had a chat with Bill Morrison at Bongo Comics, and he suggested that we stay in touch with Sergio because of a huge announcement coming. That announcement had Morrison just about vibrating out of his skin, so much is his regard for Sergio. And it is perfectly understandable about a man whose talent is as great as his kindness.

That was back in May, and today, that announcement came. Sergio Aragones will be writing and drawing a regular feature in Bart Simpsons Comics, called "Maggie's Crib", starting in Bart Simpson #50, available October 28, 2009.

We went back and talked with Sergio about it, and again...well, I'd like to adopt him as my incredibly talented uncle. I think, however, that I'd have to wait in line behind tens of thousands of fans who got there before me.

Derek McCaw: You're going to work on Bart Simpson Comics.

Sergio Aragones: Yes, I'm doing that right now. I'm doing pages. It's called "Maggie's Dream." They're single pages and two pages that they'll be putting between the stories, and I'm writing and drawing complete stories.

Derek McCaw: How did you get involved with The Simpsons?

Sergio Aragones: Oh, I was a fan, from the moment they came out on TV. Day One. I thought it was the funniest animation I had seen in years. From that moment I became a devotee of The Simpsons. I collect The Simpsons. I watch The Simpsons. I have everything that they've done. I have a warehouse full of toys of The Simpsons.

When Bill Morrison asked me to work for them I said, oh, yes I would.

A match made in comics heaven!
Derek McCaw: From the moment he said it, it seemed like a really good fit.

Sergio Aragones: Absolutely. It's my type of humor. I love it and I'm really glad I'm doing it. I'm really having a good time. I'm doing pantomime humor from the crib, without words. The stories, of course, have words.

Derek McCaw: Are you having to adjust your style?

Sergio Aragones: Oh, of course. I'm doing it on model. But still, that character's on model and the rest is my style, you know, and all the rest is based on my style of drawing.

It's a little adjustment, mostly because I have been always a stickler for research. I like things on - when I do a living room, I want to know what is there. If I have an arch, I have to draw what's behind that arch, and it has to be correct.

So presently I am referring to the plans of that house, and do all that research to have it correctly. The house has to look like the house. The windows have to look like the windows, and what's in front of the house has to look like what's in front of the house. So that's what takes all the time.

Derek McCaw: And not the task of putting yourself into a baby's perspective?

Sergio Aragones: I have always put myself into the perspective of everything I'm doing. If I'm the villain, I have to think like the villain; if I'm the hero I have to think like the hero. If I'm doing Groo, I have to think like Groo. Such as it is.

It's no trouble at all. I know the characters very well, from every season, every show, from their very inception.

Derek McCaw: And how long do you plan on working on "Maggie's Crib"? Until they tell you to stop?

Sergio Aragones: Sure! I mean, I put it in my schedule. I'm still doing Groo, I'm still doing Mad. But Mad now instead of twelve times a year is quarterly, so now I have more time. It just (Maggie's Crib) fits in my schedule perfect. So it's great.

Derek McCaw

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