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Helping Peter Dodd launch his career.
Fanboy Planet: You mentioned working on series, and I'll assume you mean BBC stuff?

Peter Dodd: Yeah, mostly stuff for the BBC. Before this I worked on The Koala Brothers. Most of it's pre-school, that's the thing. This is a very different deal.

I've done some commercials and short films. I've got my own pilot, which is in development now to become a series. Hopefully, with a bit of luck…

Fanboy Planet: You've got work lined up.

Peter Dodd: Yeah, but I'm going to give myself a little while to write and do things.

Fanboy Planet: How long have you been working on Corpse Bride?

Peter Dodd: Thirteen months. But it's a life-consuming thing once you work on a feature like this. You're just working constantly. You start shooting at eight o'clock in the morning and finish at seven or eight or nine at night.

Even though it sounds silly saying only two seconds a day, you kind of imagine that we kind of sat around waiting, and we'd just do our two seconds really quickly. But no, it's a lot of work just to get two seconds.

And everyone you know is on the film. Because everyone's been assembled from all over the place, so a lot of people are there without friends, necessarily, because not everyone lives in London. We all hang out after the movie's over.

It's kind of sad when it finishes, because then we all have to go our separate ways. But it's cool.

Peter meets the Welcoming Committee. Of one.
Fanboy Planet: If you've had a chance to wander the Con a bit, what's been your favorite thing?

Peter Dodd: I haven't had that much of a chance. I went to see a Disney Presents thing, which was great. They did a talk about all their various movies, what's coming out from Pixar. That was probably the thing that interests me the most.

I love a lot of the comic art, but I can't really pick out anything. To be honest, I've only had like twenty minutes here and there. I love all the costumes, though, looking at people.

Fanboy Planet: You mentioned Pixar. So do you think you'll have to go CG?

Peter Dodd: For my own project? I think it'll probably go CG, even though the pilot started stop-motion. At some point.

I like to be on set, with real models and real things that look final, instead of working with wire-frame models of stuff. I really like that.

I'm a little bit apprehensive about CGI. I've done a little bit of it, and I think I enjoy more being on a set, but I wouldn't rule it out. Of course not. That'd be stupid. It would be like setting up a typewriter business or something in the age of computers.

Whether you use a puppet or a pencil or a computer is not really that important. It's just what you enjoy. It's the results, whatever the tool you're using, that gets you. You know what I mean?

Derek McCaw

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