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The Voice In The Iron Mask:
An Interview With Marc Worden

This is Tony Stark.
Mouseketeer. Klingon. Iron Man. Not a lot of people get to put all those things on their resume, but actor Marc Worden can. Starting with Marvel's Ultimate Avengers, Worden has been the man to voice Tony Stark, a two-picture job that spun off into a solo film coming out this week.

So we got a chance to talk with him via phone last week, to find out what it's like to be the cool exec with a h eart of steel. Maybe Robert Downey, Jr. should take some tips...

Derek McCaw: How hard is it to breathe in the helmet?

It’s extremely difficult, let me tell you. (laughs) Man, I wish they had props for me. In the booth, it’s all about using your imagination within a void. That would have made things a little easier. That’s a funny question, though.

And each helmet is different, you know.

Derek McCaw: I haven’t seen the DVD yet. Does the character get to wear a lot of different helmets, and does that change the way you perform the role?

Marc Worden: It doesn’t change the performance, no, but there are a lot of different suits in the film.

Derek McCaw: You don’t have any props, but how vigorous does your performance get in the booth? I’ve seen “behind-the-scenes” documentaries with voice-over actors really throwing themselves into the action. Are you one of those, or are you pretty much in control of yourself?

Marc Worden: Well, I would say that I’m as control of myself as I can be. You really are on your own in a very quiet room. It’s like I said before, you’re really in a void. You only have yourself, your imagination and a great script. You just give it everything you’ve got.

Filling out the armor.
Derek McCaw: You get to bring Iron Man to life in probably the highest-profile thing the character has had in years, at least until the live-action film comes out. How much pressure do you feel from fans, or did you feel, since this is the third time you’ve voiced him?

Marc Worden: Well, right up until this moment, none. But now that you’ve asked me that question, I’m shaking in my boots.

I love the opportunity to bring this character to life. When I first signed on to do these projects, it was for the Avengers series. And they liked what I did, and they wanted me to voice this character for the Invincible Iron Man feature.

I’m honored to be able to bring this epic character (to life) that has been a part of comic book lore since the sixties, right? I don’t know about pressure. I certainly hope that the fans enjoy the performance and enjoy the film. I know I like the film. I got to see a screening of it and was really proud of everybody’s hard work.

Derek McCaw: Have you had any feedback from fans? Have you made any convention appearances and talked to them?

Marc Worden: I did. We went to Comic-Con last year. We did a sneak preview of Ultimate Avengers 2 in front of over 2,000 people. That was great fun, because they really know the characters inside and out. They were excited to watch the movie and follow the story and cheer along. That felt great. The energy in the room was buzzing.

We did a panel discussion beforehand, and then got to screen the movie. It was great.

Derek McCaw: Were you a fan? Were you a comic book reader?

Marc Worden: I wasn’t, no. When I booked this role, I had to start doing research right away. Man, did I realize how lucky I am to be able to bring this guy to life in animation, because I never could this be in a live-action setting. It’s just not where I’m at in my career at this point in time. So it’s a real plus for me to be able to bring this guy to life using just my voice.

A good friend of mine is really into comics. He gave me the origins, the Essential Iron Man, which brings you right back to the beginning – a reprinting of the original comics. He also gave me the Ultimates series. Which was an amazing graphic novel. As an introduction to me of where comics are today, it blew my mind. Those are beautiful books.

page 2: Marc talks about the importance of being a superhero, and how it was to be a Mouseketeer.

Derek McCaw

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