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Chicks Dig The Car, Jeremy
Law & Order star voices Batman for The New Frontier

He IS Law and Order...
Right now, staring up at me from my bag o' goodies (I keep such things) is an advanced copy of The New Frontier. This is why I drink Diet Pepsi Vanilla like it was water -- to have enough caffeine in my system to power me through moments like this when I don't have enough time and yet absolutely, absolutely must watch this DVD.

Okay, so I'm not going to be able to do that tonight. Instead, I'll give you the treat of a piece on Jeremy Sisto, a natural choice for The Dark Knight's voice, even if he gets a little snarky at the end towards the fanbase. He can't help it. It's who he is, and who he is makes for a darn good Batman.

From Warner Home Video:

A year ago, Jeremy Sisto was starring as a private investigator with deep psychological scars in “Kidnapped.” This season, Sisto joined the “Law & Order” legacy of actors as a detective with a haunted past.

It’s seem only natural that his next starring role would be as Batman. Sisto fills the vocal role of the Dark Knight in the highly-anticipated release of “Justice League: The New Frontier,” the second DC Universe original animated PG-13 film presented by Warner Premiere, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and distributed by Warner Home Video.

Based on the landmark DC Comics graphic novel by Darwyn Cooke and produced by animation legend Bruce Timm, "Justice League: The New Frontier" features an all-star voice cast led by Sisto, Kyle MacLachlan (Superman), David Boreanaz (Green Lantern), Neil Patrick Harris (The Flash), Lucy Lawless (Wonder Woman), Kyra Sedgwick (Lois Lane), Brooke Shields (Carol Ferris), Miguel Ferrer (Martian Manhunter) and Phil Morris (King Faraday). The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on February 26, 2008. The HD DVD edition will be available March 18, 2006.

"That's it! I shall become a pterodactyl!"
“I tend to (get cast) as dark characters, and I'm more drawn to those characters anyway – they’re usually more interesting,” Sisto said. “Plus, I got this deep voice from my father, and the combination of the timbre of my voice and my inflections tends to make people feel that there's some darkness there.”

Sisto particularly enjoys the role Batman takes in “Justice League: The New Frontier,” emphasizing that the character arc of the Caped Crusader gave the job added flavor.

“I think Batman is a great character in that he has a lot of internalization, and his heroics come from a dark place,” Sisto said. “You can have fun with that side of him, sort of showing his dislike for people and yet, at the same time, he's all about helping people and doing good for society.

“Batman is a bit of a loner. He’s very intuitive and, while the rest of the Justice League are using their super powers, he uses his detective skills to get to the heart of the matter and, in this case, help save the world. Throughout the course of the story, though, I think he learns that it's not such a bad thing to have friends.”

See you real soon...
Sisto has logged guest voiceover credits on “American Dad,” “Duckman” and “The Wild Thornberrys,” but “Justice League: The New Frontier” puts Sisto in his first animated film and his first super hero role. Unable to join the majority of the cast in the initial ensemble record, Sisto created his vocal rendition of Batman while performing alone in a sound booth in New York City. It was appropriate for the character, a super hero that prefers to work solo … in Gotham.

“When you're doing a voice for an animated project, you don't have the props and the different visual things that make it a bit easier for an actor to make a scene real for you,” he said. “So you're stuck in a booth alone and you're kind of forced to use your imagination a little bit more.”

Sisto enjoyed comic books and super heroes during his youth, but he admits he was eventually led astray from the fanboy path.

“When I was a kid, I liked Superman; when I got a little older, I liked Wolverine; and then I found girls,” he said.

Derek McCaw

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