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But Oh, Those Gotham Nights...
An Interview with Bruce Timm at WonderCon, Part 2

It's been a long day...
In part one, Bruce talked about working on Justice League: The New Frontier. But his days shepherding DC's characters to the screen are far from over, and here he talks a bit about the upcoming Batman: Gotham Knight...

Derek McCaw: When we talked before Superman: Doomsday had its premiere at Comic-Con, you were very nervous. Are you nervous tonight?

Bruce Timm: No.

Derek McCaw: You got over it?

Bruce Timm: That was a learning experience for me. Again, I had different qualms with Doomsday, because we did take some really radical changes from the comic. Here, we stayed really true to the comic, and anybody who loves the comic, chances are they'll love this movie.

Having sat through that screening at San Diego with Doomsday, knowing the kinds of things that they reacted really well to, they're going to love this movie tonight. They're going to go out of their minds.

Derek McCaw: Do you get a break now, or are you rolling into the next thing?

Bruce Timm: It all ebbs and flows. I have slow weeks and I have really crazy intense weeks. Since New Frontier, we finished up the Batman: Gotham Knight project, the anime project. We're actually in production on our next film in the DC Universe line, which I can't talk about yet because it hasn't been announced.

"It's pretty darned cool."
I get little breaks here and there, but I'm keeping busy.

Derek McCaw: Did you find a big difference in working in the anime style for Gotham Knight?

Bruce Timm: Because of the nature of it, we wanted it to be genuine anime. We didn't want it to be like Teen Titans, where it's Americans trying to do Japanese-style animation. We wanted it to be literally anime. We actually hired six different animation teams in Japan, six different Japanese directors to handle each segment.

It wasn't a matter of me adapting to the anime style, it was literally sending it off to them and seeing what they did with it. Again, my job on that production was even more hands-off than on New Frontier because specifically it was really meant to be an anime project.

We would look at their character designs and their storyboards and stuff and it's a real culture shock. The way they storyboard things and their storytelling is really different than Western storytelling. So I'd read the storyboard and I'd be really be tempted to put notes on it, "you need a close-up here, you need to do this here, that's not going to work…"

What new projects bubble in this man's brain?
I had to really stop myself, and say, you know what? I don't know if this is going to work or not, because it's a different language. I just had to say, okay, I will approve this and cross my fingers and hope it comes back great. And it did.

There were some things when we got the film back, my editor and I just looked at certain sequences and said, no, this isn't going to fly. It's just too weird or too different or whatever. We needed to do some trims to make the story a little bit more focused. For the most part, we really tried to stay out of the directors' way and let them do their thing.

I think it's a really interesting movie. It's kind of what it was meant to be. What if Japanese animators did Batman? Wow. It's pretty darned cool.

We hope so, and we'll find out in July when Warner Home Video releases Batman: Gotham Knight to retailers...

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