Metallica Song for the Week of June 28.

Blackened - …And Justice For All

As I have done with all the previous Metallica Song of the Week installments, I picked an album on Tuesday and started listening until a certain track stuck out. This week I choose …And Justice For All, which is rather well known as one of the darkest Metallica albums out there. I listened to the whole disc a few times, and every time Blackened came on I remembered that this particular song actually did mean something to me.

It was my senior year in high school, and I was in this morbid "Humanity sucks! We are all gonna die!" mode. I had just finished writing a large term paper for my English class that discussed that mankind was inherently evil. After writing that paper, the words of Blackened seemed to be so much more inspiring. "It's the exit of humanity…color our world Blackened!" Ahh…now that's beautiful.

To the non-Metallica fan, this is exactly what you think all Metallica sounds like. Very fast tempo, lots of yelling, and subject matter that discusses death and total destruction. It really is a great song. Go find it using your favorite digital music theft program, listen to it, and Limp Bizkit will sound like total pussies.


Andrew Preston

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